Artist/Writer offering Services in Exchange for Coding Lessons

Hey guys!
Im interested in learning how to code something like this, Im not the most advanced artist but I would be willing to offer writing or art services in exchange for some lessons!

Here are a handful of sketches

Im afraid most of my recent examples arnt sfw.

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You really don’t need to do that.

I mean - I’m not exactly the best person to say this as I’ve yet to learn myself, but learning Choicescript (from what I’ve read) really isn’t that difficult if you only put time and patience in to it (two things I severely lack).


Start writing in Choicescript and lurk here for a month. You will learn every concept of choicescript, i can assure you that. But still, if you need help, there are a lot of people here would be willing to help.

For instance, you can pm me and i will try to teach whatever i can. Though if you want an expert, i’m not the one :slight_smile:

Also the one you learn from might effect your way of thinking when coding, so try to pay attention to different solutions on the same problem and you will find yourself learning quicker than you thought.

Definitely you don’t :blush:

You definitely don’t need to do it :face_with_monocle:

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