Are you working on a game in ChoiceScript? Let us know!


I have recently started my second solo choicescript game. It’s called Blackraven and takes you through the life of a person jailed for 25 years. The frame for the game is complete, And major sections have been defined. This isn’t likely to be completed for a good 6 months+ yet.
For more information see the Blackraven thread under work in progress.

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Given the recent influx of Sci-Fi Choicescript games over the past couple months, I’ve decided to scrap ‘Europa’. It’d just be jumping on the bandwagon at this point.

Instead, I’m starting from scratch on a new project, tenatively titled “Going West”. You play the role of a pioneer headed into the American west in the 1850s, out to make your fortune. Think Oregon Trail mixed with a heavy dose of a traditional Western and hopefully that’ll give some idea of the tone I’m going for. I’ll let you all know when I have enough for a demo, I’ll definitely be seeking input.

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I’m working on a short game called GetAhead. It’s a random adventure that focuses on strange encounters and funny dialog. Being my first game I’ve learned a lot along the way and although it has many areas of improvement, the lessons learned will be fed into my next game.

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I am working on StormCloud, a game set in Steampunk WW2. You are a Human under the rule of the Cogs, evil clockwork robots that rule the floating city of StormCloud.



I’m working on Coresong titled game. I expect that it will be 4 pieced long story. The player is a “demon agent” and tries to take divine melodic codes of time and space. At first, i will develop and publish the first part of the story; and then the other three parts.



I am working on something totally new, a historical based game set in the golden age of the Roman Empire. The working title as of now is ‘Legions of Rome’ It features the use of pictures to help the player envision what is going on around him/her and engross them deeper into the plot.

Check out the first scene of the book now in the Works In Progress section of the forum or read here

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I’ve been working on a game called ‘Unnatural’ which is a supernatural adventure where you help hunt monsters with the S.R.T. (Supernatural Response Team) It features Episodes instead of Chapters. I’ve already written the Pilot and episode one. Now writing episode two.



I’m working on a game called “Castle of Chaos” in which the character is forced into a maze and must find a way out. Somewhat old-school dungeon-crawl stuff really, with puzzles, traps, monsters, shops, magical effects, etc., but I’ll have some storyline in there somewhere. :wink: The maze is mathematically generated on a 1000x1000 grid, which is too huge for anyone to finish in a single browser session, so I’ve implemented a save system using HTML5 local storage, making use of the existing save and load mechanisms in CS and a storage system JS library I wrote some time ago and made available for use by others under the jQuery MIT and GPL 2 licenses, so it should be fine to use with CS; my storage system code makes use of jQuery and jQuery UI as well.

I’m planning on using some of the mechanics from the Tunnels and Trolls RPG, assuming I will be granted permission from Ken St. Andre and Flying Buffalo Inc (if not, I’ll pull out the T&T mechanics and put in some of my own invention). If they are okay with my using T&T mechanics (I’m sure they will be, they’ve allowed me to do it before with non-CS games), then I’ll set up the game to allow members of Trollhalla Inner Sanctum ( to use the stats of their Trollhalla avatars for their characters in Castle of Chaos. I have that working already.

Okay, I’ll carry on the discussion of this game in the Castle of Chaos WIP topic. Thanks for reading!

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I’ve been working on a game called Choice of the Assassin. You play as an assassin in 16th century Europe, and he/she will travel all over it to complete hits. The first chapter is almost completed, with 3 hits on the male side completed. I will aim for five hits per chapter. Anyway, the beta is up at my thread Choice of Assassins (work in progress)

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I’m making a game about some survivors of the zombie apocalipse.
I’m trying to be original with the game mechanics but the game is getting more and more complex… but I think I may finish the game.

I’m not sure of the name, maybe “choice of a survivor” or something like that.


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My new game, named RISE, is about the life of a vigilante fighting a ruthless enemy. Will you use an iron fist or an open hand when you fight crime? Your public image will matter, as your reputation. One false move and you could land yourself in Amercias Most Wanted. Only you can stop the utter destruction of your fair city. Demo will be released in about 2-3 weeks.

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I am currently working on a game called “Rise of the Battle Mechs”. It takes place in the late 22nd century, when Battle Mechs are replacing tanks of the battlefield. You will take control of a mech that you customize yourself with different weapons, and armor. It may take me a little while to get all the features working. I am hoping to post a demo in the next few days, but as I am new to Choice Script i would like to ask for some help from anyone who is willing to help. Please PM me if you want to help. Thanks

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I am working on a game called “Red Moon I: Rise and Conquer”. It will be an RPG set in medieval times, where you can do from anything to everything. The demo is already published in the thread of the game on CoG.

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I’m creating a game known as “The Rangers Domain - A Flight Of Power”, it’ll be a rpg like game with a medieval feel, you can find the forum thread here:

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I am working on a game called Pandillas: Las Calles, it puts you in the role of a small gang but will progress towards your gang getting bigger and more well-known.

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I’ve started to write a modern military based game with si-fi eliments. You serve in in the alagamoon army agenst an un-known enemy. In every mission you will face death for mistakes. I’ve only started writing so I can’t say to much about it. Most of the weapons and gear are modern things that most will recognise but there will be more pewy weapons. You will get to know your squad and I will try and make you feel for them even if or when they die depending on you choice and skills.

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Hi! I’ve started to work on a prehistorical based fantasy game akin to ‘The Land Which Time Forgot’ with creatures of all epochs of pre-history gathered in the same place. You will play a cave person whose tribe must struggle to survive in this hostile world where nearly every animal is a danger to you. This will be a fairly realistic game with no magic or super powers and the animals will be based on actual creatures from history. You’ll just have your wits, skills and low-tech to help you survive! It is quite likely that as well as gender, it might be likely that this game will feature the ability to select beings outside humans like a lizardman or another humanoid shaped being. This is my very first gamebook and attempt to code one so I hope it works out ok!

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I am working on a DC (Dugeon Crawler) called Raven’s Loft.

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My current project is called League of Mercenaries: Asia. You basically join this worldwide guild, in this game stationed in asia, and do missions for people. I plan on using a random variable system so that you may not get the same mission that often if you keep playing. I have high hopes for this and can’t wait to get a demo out.

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I sent an e-mail about this months ago, but I’m still working on Sabres of Infinity.

Originally conceived as Sharpe to Choice of Broadsides’ Aubrey/Maturin, Sabres of Infinity puts you in the high, polished boots of a dashing young cavalry officer in a low fantasy setting (some forms of magic, elves, enchanted artifacts) with an early 19th century technological level. Fight as a member of the Royal Tierran Army in its long and bloody war against the League of Antar and walk the thin line between glory and an ignominious death. Action! Politics! Moral ambiguity! Losing fortunes in card games!

The story is 65% done. I’ve just started on a reference section and illustrations.

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