Are you working on a game in ChoiceScript? Let us know!


As the title says, we want to know if you’re working on a title for us to publish. We’re rather overwhelmed at the moment, trying to process all the titles that have been submitted, and helping new authors get up to speed with the code. If you’ve started work on a project, do let us know, so we can do our best to schedule time to review it and get it released.

In particular, we’d really like it if you didn’t just send in a completed game. I mean, we’re thrilled to get it, but if we could get a little warning, that would be awesome.


I have been working on a new project titled, Children of Iseir: The Flames of Rebellion. I am very close to finishing the character start-up section. I recently added a very early version of the game on my site. Here is the link to my game:
I will be starting a new thread where comments, suggestions, opinions, and criticisms are encouraged.


I emailed you Jason a few weeks ago and am almost done my game, City of Zombies. I have set up a web-based version for friends to review and provide feedback in case you want to view it.


I’d like to submit an extremely short story (1100 words total) called The Trouble with Wumples. It’s a simple branching story, no variables or anything, but with hopefully interesting choices. I would like to include a couple images, though. I plan to submit it sometime next week.


I have been working on an interactive fiction provisionally called ‘Cargo Cult’. You can find it at
This is a hidden directory so the IF isn’t generally available.
The structure is there but there are still story threads and characters to develop. Happy to receive some feedback when you’re able.
Its part of a larger project called Gritty Reality which involves a variety of media: novel, text adventure and more to come.


I’m working on a currently untitled game, with an large cast and lot of sidelines to follow, but haven’t gotten past the first chapter in actual coding due to other commitments (basic outline is close to being finished up though). I think I may be putting a lot more thought, than work, into it for the moment though. :stuck_out_tongue:

Either way, it’s a long way from being even close to playable, let alone completed.


My game is well under way, I was hoping to finish it by the end of the month. But I have to push it back till maybe the end of July.


My game: The Race is well under way and a demo is playable through the forum. Progress has been slow this month due to other commitments and there’s still a long Way to go, but I’ll have a lot more free time from this weekend onwards. I’m estimating an August release date.
(plot complete)
(all scenes planned)
(about 30% of scenes written in choicescript)
Still to do:
Finish writing scenes in choicescript.
Finish and tidy up sub plots.
Beta testing
Reviewing and final edits


I’m currently making a choice-script in progress but it’s only about 10% done so it may be a while yet. It’s just…long…


I am working on new project called Raven’s Loft. The setting is AD&D, have been creating game mods for close to 30 years. I am excited to have come across this program, and look forward to developing several stories.


I’m working on a longish game, tentatively titled Entropy. Progress is slow, and it’s currently unplayable. It’ll be a while.


I’m working a book too… still only the beginning… but it will go through many stages… I have decided a title but so far all I got in my head is… Heros…


Due to some considerations, and the possibility of infring on other material my current project will be placed into a deep freezer for safe keeping. Never fear I have another project in the works. “Ghost in the Library” The outline is a little rough, but the story is progressing well.


I doubt you remember me, but I previously asked about the mechanics behind creating a game where you run a fictional Middle Eastern Dictatorship during the Cold War, backed when ChoiceofGames was still a Google discussion board group. I am still working on that game, which I’m going to call “Diwayana” (after the ME dictatorship you’re running). I have only checked to see if ChoiceofGames is still active…and it appears they are, so I’ll hope to send in the completed game soon, though since I seen lots of CoG games published here that aren’t at all being published on the main site, I suspect there’s some sort of “filter” used to decide what games are accepted and what games are rejected.


working on a game also! Probably be done by August or September, but it doesn’t have a name or anything


I am currently creating a Crime Noire game influenced by the work of Chandler. I am very new to this kind of thing and may need some help with the coding and what not, if your interested in helping out please message me.


Latest version (2.0) of Cargo Cult just posted at:
Repeat plays retaining choices made now enabled. Stronger story lines follow through on the various choices and repeats.
I regard this as a beta at least.
Comments welcome.


I am working on a game called Another World. It mainly about a two dudes that join the IGA and get abducted by aliens and then begins their journey. It comin great sofar


I’m working on a choice story with choicescript that has no title but puts you in the role of a serial killer. It’s heavily inspired by Dexter but I’ve removed the vigilante side of it. It’s rather complex in the sense I want to give the choices you make have meaning so there is plenty of choices to make and twists and turns. Also is there a way to make it when a percent variable reaches a certain number you auto skip to another scene. That would be great.


I’ve finally gotten a handle on where I want to go with this game I’ve had in mind since… last fall or so? Hopefully this isn’t too close to anything anyone’s working on, because I’d really like to put it on the website eventually. c_c

The player is a werewolf, and your choices determine what sort of lycanthrope you’re going to be – struggling to keep a grip on humanity, embracing the life of a rampaging monster, or making a new life in the wilderness. Along the way, you’ll have the opportunity to join a pack of werewolves, foster a relationship, and maybe find a way to break the curse, all while trying to keep your sanity. I’m shooting for a sort of horror B movie tone with a little dark humor here and there. My favorite werewolf movie is An American Werewolf in London, if that gives you any idea.

I’ve got 9-10 chapters planned, and I’m just at the end of writing chapter 2.