Are you working on a game in ChoiceScript? Let us know!


Well, I hope to not create a wuss here. I’m writing adult themed stories. That is, erotica, but with the choose-your-own-path add on. I know it could be controversial and I will refrain from describing the details of my work here (unless required ). But still, that’s what I’m currently working on. O:)


I have started the outlining stage for a game which carries the working title “A Warrior’s Path: Samurai”.

It is basically set in an alternate Sengoku Japan where gender egalitarianism is in place. And as the title implies, the player character is a samurai. It will be in the vein of Kurosawa, so the samurai culture depicted would be less than ideal.


I’ve recently started working on a game currently called “Teronian Adventures”.

It’s a classic western fantasy game that will focus greatly on being as dynamic as possible. Your character can be different races and classes and the stories will change based on your combination. The other thing is that it will have no real “main story”. Just a bunch of “sidequests” per chapter.

Currently I’m almost done with the Class creation, the final step of character creation. You will be able to choose your standard classes from a list(such as warriors and wizards) or answer a bunch of questions in order to be able to choose a different class such as a Battlemage (Warrior/Wizard combo).

After that I’ll start adding the quests and adventures of the first chapter.


Currently working on a game, with the work in progress title of Drifter.


I’m working on a game, as well… it’s a fantasy adventure. Save the world from an evil wizard and all that. :slight_smile:


Im working on a game that lets you control the life and actions of a king from his birth to the end of the greatest war in his kingdoms history.


My game, The Race, is nearing completion. Beta testing starts this Friday and it should be ready to publish in about a month.

For more info on the game and beta testing, see the thread New game: The Race, under work in progress


I’ve started developing a science fiction game under the working title “Europa”. So far only the introduction sequence is actually fully written out, though I have an outline ready for development from this point onwards.


I’m currently writing a draft for a game I’d really enjoy to pursue and continue making. I have a title, and I’ve decided to write the entire game before I get any ideas to code. That can be any form of time, I don’t know if my priorities WILL get in the way of this, but I’m determined to at the very least finish it, good game or not, just because this idea has been taunting me for a bit. So would someone PM me about what to do when coding? Or refer me to a guide to choicescript etc…?


Over the last 24 hours I have managed to get my head around the Choicescript code and have immediately begun to ‘port’ my IF from iShell, which was nearly completed.
The title of the adventure is called ‘The Hellas Planitia Affair’ and is set within a Steampunk framework against the background of Space colonisation during the 1800s, as depicted by Jules Verne and HG Wells.

Just thought I would share


I’m writing a game called Implausiquest, which is a humorous game, full of ways to die. There is one winning ending, but a few of the “losing” endings are happy. I’ve pretty much finished it, tweaking it right now. It’s pretty short, just two scenes, but with a pretty “twiggy” plot, with lots of choices. Relative to size, anyway.


I am writing one, but it’s far from finished. It’s a historical romance centered around the relationship between highwaymen and an aristocratic family. It is set around the early 1500s…
It sounds vague, but I’m working on it with a friend, and I hope you’ll it an interesting enough read.

Besides… who doesn’t love historical romances? It’s unheard of!


I am working on a game called Red Empire, where you must try and become emperor or empress of a fantasy empire. There will be three ways to achieve this: 1. Impress the current empress so much that she will choose you as a heir. 2. Stage a coup 3. Get voted as the new emperor/empress when the current ruler dies without progeny.

I must say that Choicescript is really easy to use, so I could start writing without worries.


Well it’s taken a little longer than planned, but my game The Race is now complete!
I have just final bug checks to do before I submit it for publishing.


I’m writting a game os superhero like Jaspion, Black Kamen Raider and stuff… in the begining i was thinking about do something like power rangers, when your choices would determine which one you’ll be (red, blue, yellow or black), but that would do a lot of work… you know, making different types of interection between than…

I already wrote the “prologue”, its when we know the character story, name, gender, attributes… I don’t know how to host my game!

It’s don’t have name yet… english it’s not my nature language, so I’ll need help in that part too.


Trying this again, I’m currently working on a game called Who Is Left which, after taking a brief hiatus when life got hectic. It’s a game about modern warfare (though it has little to do with the game Modern Warfare) which, similar to Ace Combat, takes place in a fictional world with similar cultures and technology levels as reality. Thematically, it’s a pretty standard “war is hell and dying sucks” sort of thing.


Quite some time ago I began work on a werewolf game and… Something drastic happened to disrupt life; I can’t remember what. And then I sort of forgot about it by the time I dealt with… Whatever it was. And then I wrote a novel, and it wasn’t until recently that I went, “Oh right! Werewolf game!”

Don’t want to give too many details about it but it is Set in a fictional vaguely 19th century type setting, more fantastic and less historically stringent. It’s really almost three separate storylines that you can hop between throughout, and it has six different romance options.

My new goal is to have it done by this summer, around the same time I start sending my novel out. I could be finished earlier, but that’s my “done by or else” date.


Hi im about to start work on a game called Fatum Adulterinis, or something similar about a space holiday cruiser that gets literally lost in space, and you help get it back home, whether youre one of the snobbish holidaymakers or even just a member of security. It will be a titanic style setting, will be quite serious with some, often vague, black humour and sarcasm. I am literally just starting this, but id estimate a testable copy of two or three complete chapters around june next year, working around my current schedule. Ill keep you guys updated :smiley:


Recently started working on my first project, set in an unnamed American city during the Prohibition years (1920-1933) - “Vendetta: Rise of a Gangster”.

Players will have a choice of backgrounds (WWI veteran, street gang member, ex-convict, privileged college graduate, etc.) which, combined with choices made during some early scenes in the game, will determine their initial stats.

However, as my primary aim here is one of “gritty realism” (and because this is my first effort with Choicescript and I don’t want to get too ambitious!) there will only be a Male character option available.

Ethnicity will also be restricted, partly for the same reasons but also because, all being well, I have plans to eventually do a sequel - “Vendetta: Rise of a Mobster” covering 1933-1950 and the formation of La Cosa Nostra; the American Mafia. Ideally, saved stats from successfully completing Part 1 would give you an edge in Part 2 (compared to creating a new character for that one) and so forth. Time permitting, subsequent installments could bring us all the way to the modern era.

All that said, while I have a considerable amount of knowledge on the subject matter, I’m completely new to Choicescript itself. If there is someone with more experience, perhaps has published a game already, and whom shares an interest in this subject, I would be very keen to collaborate in hopes of achieving the best possible playing experience. Please message me if you’re interested. Many thanks.


I am currently in between 2 separate fantasy projects right now, I have the story line for them set in my head but unfortunately due to lack of motivation and failure at using choicescript my progress is slow.

Project 1: A werewolf story; This one a started first and tried with choicescript but due to my inexperience as a coder I couldn’t even set up the first chapter. The basic story is that you are a young werewolf, you make a few decisions that impact your pack, eventually you head out on your own and based on you decisions meet up with people from your past. I have at least three endings for it but need to come up with some more ideas for what happens in between.

Project 2: Elementals; This one I’m a little more focused on because of all the complexities i’m trying to go for. Four Elemental Realms are vying for control of the continent in their own way, you play as a gifted elemental who based on your decisions can become a hero of the people or someone to be feared by all. Right now I have a Fire Wielding Warrior, A battle ready Ice Champion, An Earthen Pacifist and a Lightning quick Thief.

I’m determined to complete these two and am hope to make a breakthrough soon. If anyone is willing of offer support or would like to help me I would appreciate it. Until then, wish me luck.