Are the Meek movement and InfraOrder/InfraCircle sympathetic? Spoilers

Popular rich powered celebrity “heroes” like the Millennial group like in luxurious towers while poor powered people in the Fringes live in slums while poor non-powered working class people struggle to make enough money to live since one out of three people in America are powered so the poor non-powered working class people would probably have a hard time finding jobs.

The Meek movement does have some sympathetic goals like wanting to end power inequality. If a powered person has a bad day a lot of non-powered people might die. There is an alternate ending in Hero Fall where Black Magic destroys the world.

The InfraOrder wants to end inequality by turning people into animal powered people.

The InfraCircle is a powered freedom rebel group. If you convince Scoundrel to help you Scoundrel and Sheathe hopes you become the leader of the InfraCircle but there is no option to become the leader of the InfraCircle.

It would be nice to have an option to be non-powered and side with the remnants of the Meek movement or the option to side with the InfraCircle in future games.

The popular rich powered celebrity “heroes” live good lives and love attention and fame while the poor powered and non-powered people who join the Meek movement or InfraOrder/InfraCircle are treated as the bad guys.

The people in the Meek movement and InfraOrder/InfraCircle are just doing what they think is right and if their methods seem extreme it may be because they have been suffering while the popular rich powered celebrity “heroes” live in luxury.

Popular rich powered celebrity “heroes” are not needed to keep order. PowerBreaker Battlesuits and poor powered heroes can patrol the streets to keep order.

Several of the people in these organisations are quite rich, and most are middle class. So few are poor.

The people who join these movements have the same bigotry that people have today about homosexual people.

Yet the Meek use powers of their own; do you really think they will give it up once they are the only Powered? They also kill and dePower Powered beings.

People with powers want to fight crime, not do a boring job, and several powers would not help you with a job.

No, the InfraOrder wants to control/kill ordinary people and people who have powers that are not related to animals.

The reason these heroes are celebrities are because they excel at taking out powerful bad guys. They do work for their keep. Most poor powered heroes are poor because they simply don’t have the power to tackle the threats that celebrity heroes do. So, if this happened, bad guys would rule the world already. Also, what would you do with the celebs? They’re not just gonna roll over and accept losing their income, so you would arrest or kill them for being famous?


The InfraOrder’s leader Culic thinks the world belongs to the unwanted(powered) people.

With one out of three people being powered in America it wouldn’t be hard to imagine people wanting powered people with useful abilities for working class jobs while the poor working class non-powered people struggle to make enough money. The non-powered people might also see non-powered people die or have their property destroyed because powered people are fighting each other.

Are “heroes” like Fumble and Stage Show who think they are above “unimportant” people because they are popular any better?

Not all Meek movement members are bigots. Some might join because they are fed up with the way the upper class powered heroes are running things.

The Meek movement manipulates powered “heroes” like the American Protectorate.

Not all powered people fight crime.

The InfraOrder wants to make people into animal powered people by using a bioweapon. The InfraOrder/InfraCircle are made up of unwanted powered outcasts.

Powered “hero” celebrities like the American Protectorate are the bad guys. Fumble and Stage Show are famous but only because they appear in magazines. Infinity Regulator cannons can be used to de-power the celebrity powered “heroes”. Infinity Regular cannons can be used to fight powerful bad guys.

Any organization that condones and encourages genocide is evil, full stop.

The Meek wanted to kill all powered heroes starting with the Infini powered. They were involved in setting up Sound and Fury and held Miss Artillery captive for around twenty years experimenting on her to find ways to kill her. They finally did by dropping her in a large vat of acid. They drugged the Crush so he would lose control of his powers and go berserk. They used the power of the presidency to lie and manipulate public opinion to justify their actions. They actively tried to kill the MC and her on several occasions. They used the hero project as an attempt to get the MC drugged so they would go berserk just like the Crush. They have known powered murderers and other criminals in their organization who were all used to try and kill the MC. They are responsible for putting Lucky in a coma and Jenny getting almost killed. Further abused the power of the presidency to execute innocent powered heroes. I can go on and on with their atrocities but this should give you an idea.

So yeah, definitely good guys.


You can’t depower them for being famous and you can’t depower villians either.
Its like trying to ban lex luthor from making money.
Or cutting the legs off a criminal.
Your basically inhibiting a biological function cause they are bad or it makes them more powerful than a regular human.

The infraorder tried to turn all humans into ani’s and engaged in multiple acts of terrorism so less freedom fighter more terrorist cell.
Also the meek wanted genocide.
It starts out by preaching freedom and power to the people for the uninitiated then for the new members they speak of the evils of powered people then once fully brainwashed they get them to accept the idea of genocide.
Its basically like a cult.


Both the InfraOrder and Meek movement have good intentions. Middle to upper class people might see the InfraOrder and Meek movement as terrorists but the unwanted powered outcasts people probably see the InfraOrder as freedom fighters and the non-powered lower class people probably sees the Meek movement as freedom fighters.

If some non-powered person struggles to find a job, sees all the popular celebrity “heroes” live in luxury, had friends killed by powered people fighting each other and had property destroyed by powered people fighting each other then the non-powered person would be likely to join the Meek movement.

If a powered hero had a bad day a lot of people might die. Spoilers if you are mean to Black Magic he/she will try to destroy the world.

If some unwanted powered outcast person struggles to fit in society and struggles to find a way to get enough money to live while seeing popular celebrity “heroes” live in luxury then that unwanted powered outcast person would be likely to join the InfraOrder.

There are some bad guys in both the InfraOrder and Meek movement but the InfraOrder and Meek movement have some good intentions.

I guess I should have typed the title as “Are the Meek movement and InfraOrder/InfraCircle sympathetic? Spoilers”.

So the the stuff discovered about the Meek when the MC was on their ship was perfectly fine? The InfraOrder trying to commit mass murder is also justified? Both organizations are full of murdering filth. Their good intentions if you can call it that are meaningless when they commit the crimes they have.


But the powered celebrity “heroes” who live in luxury at the expense of poor lower class non-powered people and unwanted powered outcasts are not any better. The powered celebrity “heroes” have a lot of wealth while the poor lower class non-powered people and the unwanted powered outcasts struggle to make enough money to live.

Life is not fair for the poor lower class non-powered people and the unwanted powered outcasts. The poor lower class non-powered people and the unwanted powered outcasts know life is not fair for them and they might take desperate actions to make life more fair for themselves and other people like them by joining the Meek movement or the InfraOrder.

You can even call out Stage Show and Fumble for being famous by having photos of them in magazines instead of doing hero work.

What makes you think the celebs luxury has anything to do with poor people? There are celebs and poor people today, aren’t there? Sure, the celebs could help with donations, but people are lazy and greedy and blame the government.

I don’t think the InfraOrder carried out any terrorist attacks in the Fringes which seems like a poor area. The powered celebrity “heroes” are overpaid. The money used to pay the powered celebrity “heroes” could be put to better use by improving lives in the Fringes.

So because a few powered heroes act like tools or gained wealth through years of service protecting Millennium City or because they are good entertainers, ect they should what? Be killed for their success or crappy personalities.

Fumble and Stage Show were a bunch of fame whores, and I didn’t much care for them. I also don’t think they should die for it either. I wasn’t a fan of Jersey Shore but I don’t want them to die just because I don’t like their personalities.

As far as successful heroes go, they earned their wealth. They might have advantages over other people but that’s how the world works. There is always going to be someone better than you and even if you’re the best that won’t be permanent. Someone being more talented than you is an inevitability, People shouldn’t die for their natural talents or success.

Now for the “outcasts” of the fringes. Just because you were born into a less than ideal environment doesn’t justify the acts of the InfraOrder or the Ani gangs. This was a choice they made. They chose to be thugs and terrorists. They might have been born with less opportunities than some but in the end they decide their fate. They also willingly worked with a hate group that would love to see them killed as well. Alot of the hardships in their life are the results of terrible decisions.

So like I said even if the groups started with noble intentions their actions have made them meaningless. If you intend to help your brethren but ended up killing innocents are people going to care about what it was you meant to do?


I think it’s important to note that, if you play it right, it says in the epilogue that anti-powered sentiment is at an all time low (as low as 5%). So… the game world, the majority of people don’t agree with the InfraOrder or the Meek, and those that do represent a radical minority.

Most low ranking Meek movement and InfraOrder members(these members are probably the ones who are idealistic about ending inequality since they do not know they are being manipulated by Rexford) have no idea that they are being manipulated by Rexford. I am sure that with equipment and training the Meek movement and InfraOrder would be able to take down powerful bad guys and bring order to which ever town or city they are based in.

The government who overpay powered celebrity “heroes” while leaving the Fringes to be underdeveloped aren’t any better than the bad guys in the Meek movement or the InfraOrder.

The government doesn’t pay heroes except for ones they hire. The celebs took bounties and got donations from fans.

I think the government overpays the Millennial group. The government also develops the Millennia City more than the Fringes and Millennia City is the place where there are a lot of powered heroes. A DRPR powered hero license is needed to collect bounties and I highly doubt the government is going to let InfraCircle members and Meek movement remnants collect bounties on the bad guys even if the InfraCircle and the Meek movement remnants have the equipment and training to take down the bad guys even if those members where the members that joined for idealism.

I don’t think powered heroes who collect bounties are rich the powered heroes who are rich are the ones hired by the government or corporations.

Re-read the scenes from when the MC was on the Meek ship. They openly encouraged the murder of powered individuals.

As for the underdeveloped fringes, why didn’t the mayor/president have them rebuilt? Probably because he was too busy furthering his own agenda. He didn’t care about the state of the fringes before or after the death wave. At least their were heroes who did. The MC also had several opportunities to help as well.

If it wasn’t for the actions of Mayor Victon the events of the three books would have never happened. His self serving agenda is what set in motion the events of the story. If he wasn’t only concerned with furthering his own political career Miss Artillery would have never framed Sound and Fury, the death wave would have never happened, the meek would have never gained the power they had, the events of the Hero Project would have never taken place.

This whole series of events were the result of one selfish, lying, filth infested excuse for a human being.

There are some bad guys in the Meek movement but there might be some low ranking Meek movement members who joined to end inequality and I doubt those low ranking Meek members are on the Meek ship.

President Victon and Rexford are evil. Rexford manipulated the Meek movement and the InfraOrder.

There are probably some sympathetic Meek movement and InfraOrder members who joined to end inequality.

I will make a hypothetical situation.

Someone who belongs to an underprivileged group joins an organization who promises to fight to give them the same advantages as everyone else. But the means used to gain these same advantages are to murder those born with the advantages they didn’t have. Not just a few, but total genocide.

Now the organization had intentions of granting advantages to those who didn’t have them. while that is a noble pursuit, it loses meaning do to the fact of how it was obtained.

Just because someone is ignorant of the actions of the organization (with open attempted genocide I don’t know how they would be) it does not excuse the fact that they are part of an extremist hate group.

So are they in the wrong for joining or remaining with such an organization?

Lets say that there’s this group of people - Alpha. And another group - Beta - who hate members of Alpha for being ‘better’ than them and being treated differently (worse). So, members of Beta set up an organisation, called Omega, to fight for equality.

Lets say Omega is not adverse to the idea of, and is actively encouraging mass genocide of Alpha and anyone not siding with Omega. So who, in Beta, would want to join them?

If a member of Beta is sympathetic towards Omega’s goals, they would (a) join them. (b) Start their own movement or join a less malicious one. The only people who join would choose option “a” are the ones who would massacre people to achieve their goals. They don’t want equality, they want dominance.

Only people who choose option “b” actually deserve sympathy or to be called innocent.

I think @Prof_Chaos put it better than me. But I already had this written…

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While the bottom part of the Meek movement may have people who were there because they wanted equality just as many were bigots who simply hated/blamed super powers and superpowered people for all the bad things going on. I can in no way ever agree with the ideals of an organization that supports genocide of another group, deals with inequality by insisting the blame is on another specific group purely because of their existence, wastes their time in politics to further their own agenda rather than actually help people, AND is a hypocrite in it’s own right by deceiving their own members (which would be the bottom ranked one’s who have little to no influence on the actions of the organization and choose to follow and believe everything they are told) endorsing humans who use powers through technology (and according to HeroRise lore
The entirety of the Meek Movement Leadership endorsed the deaths of all powered people in fact even calling them devils IIRC.
While yes there would ofc be elements that joined because they truly wish to end inequality, but that’s more or less true in any organization, where individual members have their own conceived notion of the eventual goals of their organization, however The Meek have not been shown to be trying to help the under privileged, but more of trying to hurt the powered heroes regardless of whether or not those powered heroes are people with good intentions of helping or not.
The Meek base all powered as one group of evil completely ignoring any and all instances of Powered people helping and merely focusing on bring powered people down.
The Meek are at best a misguided group of equality extremists, and at worst a genocidal group that’s borderline Cult.
At least in my opinion.

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