Ardenia Online: VRMMORPG (WIP) (Updated: 27/July/2023)

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Nice to meet you all, Im Sara (Sah-rah) and im a huge fan of Webnovels, Wuxia and Xianxia novels. You’re probably wondering why i am telling you this… me too. Anyways, uhh check out my game “Ardenia Online”.

I plan on updating Once or twice a week, it depends on my school schedule. I’m new to choice script to i apologise in advance for any bugs and grammatical error.

About Ardenia Online

It was all a weird dream… right?

It was the year 2076. The world had changed. Technology had greatly advanced, so had the gaming industry.

Ardenia Online, a VRMMORPG created by several famous companies - Crux Corporation, that was what they called themselves. They wanted to create a second world where people could live a second life and they were successful… too successful. Earth had turned into Ardenia and Ardenia, Earth.

- Play as a male, female, non-binary and trans.
- Choose between two different world - each with it’s own unique race and class.
- You can be a Warrior Elf or a Gunslinger Cyborg, it’s up to you
- Distribute your stats, learn new skills and get the strongest weapons and equipments… or die trying.
- Climb your way to the very top and become the strongest person in the game… or don’t.
- Romance your fellow players or just focus on getting stronger.
- Rise above all and rule them all.
- And most importantly, solve the mystery behind your weird dreams

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Update Log

*Fixed grammatical error.
*Added an option to skip character customization.

*Fixed bugs
*Fixed grammatical errors
*Updated Glossary and stats
*Completed prologue (character customisation)

*Updated Stats
*Meet a RO
*A short interview with the creator of ardenia where you will learn absolutely nothing about the game.
*Abelion is now available on patreon
*Sorry for short and slow update, had exams.



Would you mind describing what this game is about plz and thank you, I would like to learn more about the world you are creating. without giving a spoiler of course xD


without spoilers… thats gonna be hard but i’ll try


i’ll be blunt. the character creation is quite tedious with how detailed it is and to complete that we have to go back to the main character creation menu every body part. personally a very detailed character creation is useless because the game wont mention the body parts later in the story anyway except hair and body tipe. also after character creation there is error which prevent it to proceed to the story.


@Den i disagree I like character creation it helps get me into the story more but the the error part I think that is all that’s done so far that’s why it’s a error but I might be wrong


After completing all of the character creation process the option to continue is still not available. If I could make a suggestion on how detailed the creation process should be, I agree it’s tedious but I also love to the amount of detail, I think I’d be better to make only a few of the options required and the rest an option. For instance “continue detailed character creation” or something along those lines. On a side note Im very interested keep up the good work.


@Supporter i think that’s the end so far

Hii, thanks for your suggestion, i’ll do this instead :grin:

I’ll fix that, thank you for pointing it out :grin:

Cat race please

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@Den it’s not a argument I just said it helps me visualize my character better I didn’t say it helps everyone one I’m just speaking for the ppl it does help


Dear Author, keep it up! I, personally, enjoy character customization in its fullest. Keep going despite the negs


Hi everyone, for some reason i can’t edit the post but just wanted to let you know that the prologue (character customization) is complete. I have started working on chapter 1 and it should be out either on saturday or early next week.

Btw, i made a patreon


@moderators could you help @ComfortSara, edit their post. Please. And thanks.


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Fixed :grin:


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