Arcanist's Moon (WIP)

Hello everyone! I am a frequent lurker and very, very rare poster around these parts but I hope to change that with this. I’ve been messing with ChoiceScript for the past few weeks and feel comfortable enough now that I can get it to do close enough to what I want to announce the game I am working on, called Arcanist’s Moon

Arcanist’s Moon is a story set in a fantasy world called Kyris which suffered an apocalypse just as it was reaching World War 1 level technology. You play as the last member of an order of magic wielding peacekeepers who was present for the end of most of the world and is looking to keep what little remains intact.

Time stopped and the Laws passed by.
~ Common saying

The world of Kyris is broken; compasses no longer point north, gravity has become fickle, days and nights can last minutes or hundreds of hours, animal species are at best a basic template, and few humans have aged a day in the past 100 years. Civilization has been reduced to small, desperate towns built in pockets of relatively stable reality scattered between stretches of inhospitable and strange terrain. You are the last of the Grey Spire Arcanists, a group of magical peacekeepers whose job it was to keep the world from being destroyed, either by alien creatures from another realm called Demons or by the humans in this one.

You failed.

While there may not be hope for returning the world to what it was in the past, you still have a chance for preserving whatever future it has left, and you may just be able to get a little revenge on those who caused all this along the way.



A hundred years ago the world of Kyris was entering a golden age. The invention of radio, flying machines, city-sized cruise ships, and automobiles meant the world was small and ideas and advancements could spread at a rapid rate. Arcanists, those born with the ability to wield magic, were making great strides in understanding the practical and peaceful applications of their power to the benefit of all; allowing near universal access to the necessities of life the world over.

The Great War changed all that.

What caused the Empire of Thessalaos and the Republic of Lorswick to go to war was never quite clear; Lorswick claimed they discovered Thessalaosian plans to launch an invasion of the Republic and so they preemptively struck, while Thessalaos swore up and down the attack was unprovoked. You’ll find few these days who really care about the truth of the issue. The war lasted ten years, all those technological and magical advancements twisted into weapons of war leading to a 90% loss of life in both nations as well as millions of deaths all over the world from the fallout of their brutal strikes. Worse, the use of magic for such pure destruction weakened a previously unknown barrier between dimensions, letting alien creatures, named Demons by most, to invade Kyris.

In response, the Grey Spire Arcanists were founded. The goals of the organization were:

  1. Stop Demonic Incursions as they crop up.
  2. Prevent another Great War.
    For a decade, these magic wielding warriors did their job well, earning the trust and respect of the nations of Kyris by developing methods of detecting Demon rifts as they formed so they could be on site to help the local military close them before too many creatures could spill out. Their neutrality and willingness to help all nations lead to the Grey Spire Arcanists being consulted when major diplomatic disputes arose, thus keeping violent conflict between nations to a minimum.

The night a Demon rift opened in the Grey Spire fortress, everything changed. The barrier between Kyris and the Demon realm almost completely fell, Time stopped having meaning, the Natural Laws of the universe seemed to pass the world by, and out of all those respected magical peacekeepers, only one left the Grey Spire alive.



Customizable PC - Motivation, gender, appearance, clothing style, skills, magic, and even what they did before they became a Grey Spire Arcanist, back before Time stopped and the Laws passed by.

Romances - The current plan is for there to be 8 romanceable characters, (4 male, 4 female) who can be romanced by any PC. I will probably end up bringing that number to 10, but I am not 100% on that yet.

Reactivity - I want your choices you make about your past and your present to matter in the world, both in the ending and as your journey is still going. For example, say you choose to have been an Architect before everything went to crap, and you see some settlers building a home, you will be able to help them with that if you want.

Strange World - Outside of human settlements, Kyris is a strange, twisted world whose adherence to the laws of physics and nature are tenuous at best. Your journey will lead you through many places were the monsters and the Demons are the least of your concerns. Many areas themselves have gained a form of sentience, and some take very poorly to travelers indeed.

A demo featuring character creation and most of chapter one will be out at the end of the week and I probably should have waited to post this then, but I am very excited to start sharing some of this with you all. Please feel free to ask any questions or express any feedback you may have of this initial summary here.

Thanks for reading!

UPDATE 07/22/17
Hey everyone, I’m not quite comfortable with where the demo is yet, so I’ll have to miss the end of the week deadline I gave myself, though hopefully not by much.I want to offer something new though, so here is a little bit about a major part of life, such as it is, in Kyris now, something called the Fugue.


Time is frozen in most places most of the time, freezing everything to what it was like a few years after the event that messed up reality so badly. Sometimes time skips, this is what leads to what passes as a day night cycle, but for the most part, things aren’t going to change too much.

The souls in plants, animals and humans are what allow them to still function in this state. It was only after Time stopped and the Natural Laws left the world behind that Arcanists discovered the soul functions outside these laws, leaving things that posses them able to continue operating with some degree of normalcy.

If a person or animal falls into too much of a routine, if they allow themselves to space out just a little too long, the soul begins to loose its grip on the body to time. This is called the Fugue. It is not uncommon to stumble upon people either stuck in a slow repetitious pattern or just frozen outright, their body and mind becoming subject to frozen Time once more.

If anyone is familiar with the way NPC’s Hollowing is presented in the first two Dark Souls games, that’s a good starting point for the Fugue, although unlike Hollowing it’s fairly easily reversible.

Any sort of new stimulus brings a person out of the Fugue quickly enough, though it may take a few hours for them to fully come back to themselves.

The game begins with you trying to fight off the Fugue, with a lot of the decisions on your past couched in your memories coming back to you. All of this is presented better in game than how I’m describing it here, but I wanted to through out a little extra information since the demo isn’t out yet.


This sounds quite interesting and well thought out.

The Grey Spire Arcanists sound a little like the Grey Wardens from Dragon Age.


Hmm well thought out, that shows dedication. ^^ And oh geez before WW1? So we have a bit steampunk here?

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@FutbolDude21586 That’s certainly an influence, yeah. Little bit grey warden, little bit Jedi, little bit gunslingers from the dark tower series.

Like the grey wardens , the Grey Spire Arcanists may have had certain rituals that the general public would be less than accepting of

@Kefs maybe a little bit, but not too much! It’s a bit closer to real world ww1 technology than steam punk is, and most things run on deisel instead of steam. You will see some tesla coils


Hmm. Magical-post-apocalypse.
It’s a new thing. New thing to try :yum:

I’m interested at… umm, how you say it?
“How fvcked up is the natural law” of your world is?

I mean, a night that lasts for hundreds of hours can freeze most water-bodies with oceans partially freezing. The same can be said for its day counterpart.

And a fluctuating gravity can means a lot: when running, each step can result in different distance and height; buildings must be built in such a way that it will compensate the gravity fluctuation; arrows (and various projectiles) doesn’t have a consistent path (they might fall suddenly when the G increases)

But then, it depends on how often and how big is the natural law changes.

Either way, I’d imagine that the humanity uses “super mana-armor” to survive in such environment. Or else, their shape is no longer looks like a human being :thinking:


Humanity has certainly found ways to adapt but I have hand waved a lot of that with the idea that “Time has Stopped”. When a night is lasting for what feels like days or months, it’s more so time slowed to a stop during that night, so the laws of thermodynamics (as little as they too totally function anymore) are on hold, but living creatures are not. In the universe of the story, the soul is real and is the consciousness of a person, and it continues to function during these periods, allowing people to still act during the otherwise pausing of time.

This stopping of time and freezing of age for most also means growing food is notoriously hard, and outside of a few patches of stable reality it requires magical aide developed before everything went wrong to even get plants growing.

Overall people have become slow to change in general though, personality wise, age wise, they all almost exist Ina fugue of repetition without really knowing it.

(In reality I just wanted an excuse to do weird stuff without having to think about the consisquences((unless I want too hahha))

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Seems like an interesting direction to take. It feels fresh. I have a question though. Is the world in a kind og floating islands state? So chunks of landing floating in nothingness surrounded by chaos or is it more like the wirld kepts its shape but some areas have become chaotic space. Essentially was the world/planet (assuming it was a planet before) sundered or not.

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There are floating islands every now and again, but that’s not the prevailing state of the world. The world is mostly round and most (but not all!) the land is still attached to the crust.

Sounds good I hope it work for you

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Hmm… that explains :thinking:
Quite a lot…

So, frankly speaking, your world has two different “timeline” which are “parallel” against each other, right?

I got you, there :point_up:t4::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
No worries! Most, if not all, of us get past that point. We want to get our story to have the most weird stuff ever without ever need to think about the other things.

But I myself enjoy in brainstorming on such topic. What will happen if this is that? Or that is that?
There’s something satisfying on worldbuilding.


This sounds like it will be an amazing game and it’s a really cool idea. Magic, super messed up world, what more do you need. Also I’m curious, what is the magic like in the world?

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Magic is broken down into what are called Attunements. There are five Attunements: Animism, Elementalism, Nature Magic (keep trying to get a better term for that, but everything is just another word for nudist), Psionics, and Warding Magic.

Animism is using your soul and the souls of others to effect the world. Healing magic and necromancy would fall under this.

Elementalism involved the conjuring and control of your classical elements, earth fire water and air.

Nature magic is your magic that interacts with plants and animals (who posses more
primitive minds and souls which resist animism and Psionics to an extant) shape shifting also falls under this

Psionics is using your mind to effect the world, telepathy, telekinesis, illusions magic, that sort of thing.

Warding is used to counteract other magic and demons.

Players will choose what magic they have access to (everyone gets warding, then you choose from the others), and there will be a chance to unlock all magic fairly early on in the story, but that has consequences!


Are there any mana restrictions

Nah, at least none super harsh. I tend to play these games that allow it as 100% magic with almost no other skills haha, so I want hat to be available in this to those that want it


Magic game Without mana restrictions :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


This sounds interesting. I’m looking forward to more!

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Updated the Main Post. I’m not satisfied with where the demo is at yet, so I’m going to hold off on putting it out there till a little later in the week. I know everyone here is very nice and helpful, but this will be the first time I’ve really put writing out for public consumption, so I want it to be as best a foot i put forward as I can.

As a slight consultation I’ve added a little info about an aspect of the world that relates to character creation.

Thank you for your patience


Waiting for the demo. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I feel exactly the same way with my WIP, take your time! :smile:

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