Anyone interested in testing a scifi humor parser game for first-time parser players?

I’m entering a parser game in this year’s IFComp that’s set in a lab. Unlike most parser games, it has a list of every command you need for the game available whenever you need to look at it, so I’m hoping it’s friendly to people who’ve never tried parser games.

I wanted to look for a few testers here because I figure there might be a lot of people here interested in different kinds of interactive fiction but who’ve never tried parser games. If you’re interested, you can email me at

I entered Color The Truth last year in the IFComp, which took 2nd place.


Do like to if the options still up

I meant ill do it if you still have the offer open

Thank you so much! Can I send files by PM on this forum? If not, I can email you if you send me a message at ifcomp rules don’t allow me to post the game itself on a public place. I really appreciate the help!

Just a couple of suggestions:

You might want to edit your email mention to something like brushton84 AT gmail dot com to avoid too many spam bots grabbing it and adding you to all sorts of mailing lists (unless you really need viagra or “friendly” introductions, that is).

Dropbox is a useful service for such as online backups and file sharing. You’d only need the simple free account. This would allow you to upload your files and just give a download link to interested persons (e.g. in PMs or email) to make things easier all round, without breaking the IFComp rules.

Best of luck in the competition.


Thanks, I set up dropbox and used it to send out a link to the volunteers. Thanks for the advice!

And thanks for everyone who volunteered! I don’t need anyone else right now, but I’ll always accept anyone in the future who wants to try it. This forum has been very welcoming and helpful!


I’d love to help beta test. Hehe

Great! I sent you a link. A lot of people have been getting stuck on the ancient language puzzle, so I might need to make it easier. In the meantime, you can use the walkthrough if you need to. Thanks so much!

It’s my pleasure I’m glad to help

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