Anyone donate?

I am wondering if anyone has actually donated to these guys? I can’t, I don’t own a credit card, but it would be cool if people actually have!

wont that include u since u have an account and yes a few peeps did probably

No, I haven’t given any money… is that what you are asking?

not actually donated yet although I end up purchasing pretty much every game since I tend to only play them ony iPod… speaking of which, any chance of getting the new games to run on OS 3.0 or earlier? I’d really appreciate it!!

Hey, I buy all the games that come out on my Kindle. I think that counts right? I don’t own a credit card either. I get the games through gift cards but they still get paid.

I’ve bought every game available on iPhone.

if there was some sort of donation box out on the streets or something, i would be able to give a few bucks, i don’t have a credit card, but i always carry some change on me.

I sent $5 their way back when they were asking for people to vote on the next game and said they’d pay more attention to people voting with money.