Any pirate game?


Well i have this idea of a pirate game maybe but im not good at writing and making a game so yeah… Just giving out ideas


Head over to and search on page for Scarlet Sails


If you get the Delight Games full library app, I believe it has a pirate game, but I’m pretty sure Delight Games is a CoG ripoff, so I’m not sure if I should be promoting their games.


They’re not a rip-off. For a while, we even published Wizard’s Choice for them on iPhone, because dealing with Apple is such a pain in the arse.

The owner actually started on Amazon, and was actively encouraged by Amazon (back in 2009-2011ish) to develop his writing/business/program.

You could say that we grew up in tandem.

That said, we have “Choice of the Pirate” slated for release next year.


@jasonstevanhill, well that’s a relief. I’m glad I’m not a traitor.


Yeah, otherwise you’d have to walk the plank.


Pirates Never Die is actually a very good story with great characters, it’s just not as good as CoG is regarding the interactive fiction approach. Choices don’t matter and you play the main character instead of playing AS the main character.


I actually have that library. Witch Saga is my fave and the Zombie one isn’t too bad. It’s probably one of the more popular stories on there. The story lines are pretty linear than CoG types, but can still be enjoyable.


So which game should i try that has a really good pirate story


Choice of Broadsides


That’s not really a pirate game, though it does have a good story


i already tried that one really like it kinda short tho