Any good sports games?


Are there any good sports interactive fiction that aren’t just demos?


Slammed is great. Seriously. Mrs Duck loves it and she’s not even a wrestling fan.


Just slammed… You oughta make one since there are so few


any school type games?


Way Walkers is somewhat about school, though it’s fantasy.


high school life is amazing but it’s really only scratching the surface


If you’re looking for a school type game you could try Academagia. It’s a huge game, with interactive fiction elements to it. It’s also rather stat grindy. While I was disappointed with their inclusivity policies I know that won’t bother many people.

Hanako Games has some visual novels that are school-based too, and are far better for inclusion. I found Magical Diary rather fun. I think visual novels do count as interactive fiction. (I think the games are cheaper on Steam).


Psy High. Due out before the end of the year.


My son is into football (like his dad!) and loves this Heroes & Rivals game I have in my phone.