Any Game where the player character is a robot

Is there any game where the main character is a robot who gains sentience, like Johnny 5, Chappie,and Wall-E i guess.

If there isn’t then you should write one. We’d love to read it.

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I’m only 14, and writing has always been my worst subject.

Don’t let that stop you, Carson. Just write it out like how you would tell a story to someone face to face. Or, if it helps, record yourself telling a story and then just write down what you said after. If you believe you can do it, then you can find a way to make it happen.

I think a lot of authors on here don’t write because they’re good, but because they want to share the ideas and fantasies of their beautiful imaginations.

Being ‘good’ comes with time and practise, and I think a lot of people would play ChoiceScript games that have interesting ideas and unique outlooks, regardless of whether it’s written ‘well’ or not.

On another topic, where people share quotes to describe their mindsets while writing, somebody mentioned ‘writing the ideas just so that they’re out there’ or something.

Anywho, no, I’m unfortunately not familiar with robot games.


there is choice of robots not quite what you’re looking for but you make a robot

Played that already.

There’s the Hosted Game Machinations: Fog of War, where you play a shape-shifting robot.


i didn’t like that one.

There’s a WIP, Syntethic Wasteland.
But you don’t really play as a sentient robot, tho. It’s a terminator-esque prison story.


I couldn’t make it past the first few pages either, and from the reviews it seems the feeling is widespread.

Still, it is a game where you can play a robot, for better or worse.

I have been summoned.

Seriously though, I think the only ones that have been mentioned are the ones that involve robots. Machinations: Fog of War being the only one where you can play a robot, though I haven’t really finished that one myself. It seemed alright, but was just shy of fully captivating me.

But other than that, having a game where you play a robot is something I’d really love to see, and I doubt I’m the only one. As far as age and poor writing skills go, I really don’t think either would be too much of a problem. This community is awesome and extremely supportive, and even if your work isn’t the best, we’d be more than happy to offer our thoughts and some tips on how you could improve. Personally I’m 16, and I know there are flaws in my writing too, but the community has been doing a really good job in helping me improve my WIP as it moves along. :grinning:

The only way to get better at writing is to write something learn from whatever mistakes you make, after all.

Short answer: No, there aren’t any, but it would be awesome to see one, and you should at least give writing your own story a shot before dismissing the notion, I think.

i was talking about choice of games.

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