ANTIVIRUS (Experimental Game, Short)

In this game written in the choicescript markup language, save the crew of a spaceship under quarantine through the eyes of an artificial intelligence system.

ANTIVIRUS was written in 2019. I never posted it here as it wasn’t very much like the other types of games you find on the forum. It’s much tougher and acts more as a video game than as an interactive story (although there is definitely still a story.

Aside from that, you can probably guess why I might be hesitant to post this game. Some details of the plot don’t look so good in hindsight with COVID-19. Despite that, it’s a game with an uplifting message (if you find the good ending and work out the trick to it). I decided to bite the bullet anyway to get back into the forum as I continue work on TDUP.

ANTIVIRUS is a tough game, but I hope you’ll stick with it and see what it has to offer.


I like it but can we have some of the commands please.


Excited to play another game by one of my favorite authors

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They did surgery on a grape


Oof sorry for my stupidity then

played through a few times and LOVE IT. How many can you save, I wonder?

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I love the input centric gameplay. Its more engaging imo. Reminds me of the Tell me About dialogue in Fallout 1.

Ah i always fails

You can save all of them.


Damnit I have a long way to go.

You’ll have to think outside the box and pay attention to the chatter.

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Even Gertrude English ? Really? I mean I know two who are trustworthy and I suspect one. But I’m stressed myself now. I just want to communicate with Yo Yo. Is there a guide or clues or something? This is moral torture…

…By cheer luck I ginally got the log I needed to know what to do.
Now I know. That monster.
Author, you lied. Everyone couldn’t be saved. I couldn’t be saved. Sheng was wrong, I am able to love. I swear I swear I-

… Why are your scenarii so attaching? Is it fun to you, to destroy people’s hearts with gameplays like this?

Ah it was a truly great experience, thank you for getting to play Antivirus.
You gifted mnstr.

Is there any easter egg command, I wonder?

Edit: ok, this post adds clue to solve the game. Beside the last post was recent. I guess it’s ok.


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