Announcing the Choice of Games Contest for Interactive Novels


So, for now just a line of text saying here’s where the cliff-hanger is?


In a *comment, yes.

(Fuck you Discourse.)


And of course, for those that are not familiar with the 20 character minimum limitation imposed by Discourse, makers of this forum’s software, it can be quite infuriating to want to type out a simple reply, but not be able to.


So I have a question about eligibility. I am a British citizen, with a current and valid British passport, however I live in South Korea. For tax purposes I fall under Korean jurisdiction. In terms of eligibility for this contest, would I be able to enter as a British citizen or would I be ineligible due to my country of residence?


Is anyone else nervous yet?


Yes. The time is coming quite soon indeed. I look forward to the next ones I will do after this; the contest deadline has kept me motivated, but it makes it hard to take a breath.


Yup…I’m cutting it very close. I’ve written about 155k words for The Magician’s Task, which means I only have about 60 days to write, edit, and bug fix another 45k. O_O Perhaps it wasn’t the best idea to wait until June to start writing my entry for the contest.


I’m 78.8% done proof-reading my 167,100 word project. I’ve missed nearly every deadline I’ve given myself so far and it looks like I’ll miss my newest one too, since we’re 26/30 = 86.7% of the way through November. :slight_smile:

Even so, I’ll still have some time to beta-test this game and submit it before the deadline.


Quick question – we can leave the beta threads for our entries open so that we can continue getting feedback even after we’ve submitted our stories for the contest, right?


I don’t see why not. The version you submit for the contest would be “locked,” but since pretty much all submitted games will be published (either COG or HG) regardless of winning, there’s no reason you can’t continue working on it.


"a playthrough length of at least 20,000 words"
I don’t quite understand what this means. Can anyone clarify?


I think it means that if you play through the game, from start to finish, you read at least 20,000 actual words no matter what choices you pick along the way.


Well, not whatever you choose. But, when averaged over, say, 100 playthroughs, the average playthrough is 20k or more.


Maybe I will tack on an 18,000 word explanatory note to the early-death option in my game, just in case…


If gender is effectively performative, then it would probably be an ok submission. We’d have to see. I would say, it’s difficult to manage that if you have any NPCs refer to the PC without proper pronouns but I guess you can use singular they.


Ann Leckie’s three “Ancillary” novels are a huge inspiration in this area. It is never clear what the gender of most of the central characters is, and you never get a sense the author is dodging the issue, either.


In terms of eligibility for this contest, would I be able to enter as a British citizen or would I be ineligible due to my country of residence?


The rules above say


Follow-up question: unless you already did a lot of the work, are you sure you’d be able to write and code a 100,000 word contest entry in less than forty-five days, regardless of geographical eligibility?


Poor @cyanide, also poor me and anybody else from continental Europe, such as @malinryden (I believe) and @Goshman