Announcing the Choice of Games Contest for Interactive Novels


So um, does anyone actually plan on submitting an unfinished game? I’m a horrible procrastinator but this is like the biggest project I’ve ever done and I’m probably gonna cram. Just looking for a little reassurance. #YOLO


Submitting an unfinished game would not be a good idea. Please do not.


I wouldn’t look to upload an unfinished game, but if you don’t make it in time for the contest, you can still aim for uploading it to HG.


Thanks! RIP to all my hopes and dreams. Time to retreat back to under my rock and start writing.


Yeah, something unfinished would likely have no chance given the number of finished entries, and would just take up judge time and attention. I fully intend to finish my entry before the date, but if the worst happens and I can’t, better to just skip the contest altogether and go straight to HG publication when I do finish.


That’s my plan, too. It’s not even a consolation plan, since getting the game done so that people will enjoy it is the guiding principle.


*label jail_loop

Story is too linear, add choices to give the reader better interactivity =>

Now story has more choice and depth, but parts are either irrelevant to the game or are boring =>

Cut or add text in the irrelevant elements, or add some exciting occurences. Parts of story now feel too linear =>

*goto jail_loop. Do not pass time.
(Or you won’t finish before contest deadline.):yum:


I’m having the exact same problem, Charles_Parkes. Worse, I still need to up my word count. Just over 90K total now, and that deadline is looming. So hard to find the right balance in terms of number of options and branching possibilities.


So–one month left?

I’m definitely posting more as I get more nervous. I wish all your WIPs were up on the forum and I could see into your souls.


I’ve been doing testing with friends and relatives, for the most part. I like getting the feedback in person.

It’s looking more and more like I’ll actually be submitting pretty close to the deadline. I’m well past the word minimum at this point, but I still have several scenes I want to add. Then I have to retest everything, of course.


I did email Jason this question, but I thought I would also put it here just in case anyone else is having the same problem.

When I tried to submit my entry, the page gave me a quicktest error saying that it couldn’t find the “choice_quicktest” variable.

To my knowledge, that’s the variable that quicktest creates when it’s running, so I shouldn’t have to put it in the game manually, right?

When I run quicktest and randomtest on my PC they both pass.
The problem is that the submission page won’t take the submission because of the above reasons.


Jason forwarded me your problem, and we’re working on fixing it so that the contest submission page will properly use the variable (no, it shouldn’t technically need to be declared in the latest version of ChoiceScript, but I believe that the contest submission page is using a dated version of quicktest from before choice_quicktest was added, so it won’t recognize the command).

That said, there are a couple work arounds in that, 1) you can simply declared *create choice_quicktest false, which should allow it to pass the contest submission’s quicktest with the same usage (although it may no longer pass on the latest version of ChoiceScript), or 2) any choice_quicktest can be replaced with a plain false for the exact same technical function (the line is not used unless quicktest is running, but is otherwise never accessed).

(Note, I extrapolated on what’s happening here from the email I sent you, since I realized what the problem is may be confusing.)


Edit 2:

The entry has been successfully submitted via the web page.


Just a quick question.

Where the style guide says “The game has to be simple enough to finish the project”
(Writing for COG - Outlines Nov 2016 rev, page 3)

How is that judged exactly? I understand complicated features are generally discouraged, as they can prevent authors, especially beginners, from finishing. But in contest entries, if they’re executed successfully and the judges deem the game to be finished, the wording of this seems to limit judges from marking you down. Is that correct?


That’s not something you need to worry about. That’s for people pitching games to us who propose something like Choice of Rebels. We love Rebels, but it’s not a project we’d greenlight; spending seven years on a project isn’t efficient from our perspective.

If you finish the game, though, it doesn’t matter how simple or complex it is, as is the case (hopefully) for games that are submitted to the contest.


So, will profanity and somewhat detailed sexual content hurt your submission’s score?


I don’t see why it would.


Would the submission of art be an influence on outcome?


No, and …assuming it won we’d use our own artwork/artist.


Will that be applied to all submissions? Or only the top three