We've increased the advances we're paying to authors

Originally published at: We’ve increased the advances we’re paying to authors - Choice of Games LLC

Starting in 2024, Choice of Games is pleased to announce a better deal for our authors.

Our new deal terms allow us to offer one of two contracts:

  • 25% Royalties Against $10,000 Advance, or
  • 10% Royalties Against $15,000 Advance

We’re making these changes today because our ability to reliably drive sales has improved, and because the US dollar has experienced significant inflation in recent years. Our authors deserve a larger advance, and we’re happy to provide that.

We invite experienced writers to apply to write for Choice of Games.

(If you’re new to writing, or would like to try writing your first interactive novel, we’d also like to encourage you to publish under our Hosted Games label.)


This is really exciting! I’m looking forward to applying sometime soon, and this makes my decision easier. :slight_smile: Thanks Choice of Games for giving authors this opportunity!


Well….i finally have a reason to finish a few games now


As a reader, I’m glad to hear this. I hope that this will encourage new authors to start writing and current authors to write more.


Excellent! I definitely appreciate CoG’s transparency in publishing how much they offer their authors, and how the number is changing for the better.


It’s nice to see such transparency! Great stuff.


Does this affect the types of games you are seeking or if you might revisit a concept/game that was previously rejected?

For example, I have heard that science fiction has not historically sold as well. Would these new improvements mean that science fiction games could sell better, and therefore have a better chance of being accepted for the Choice of Games label?

…asking for a friend…


Does it apply for the authors of currently unreleased WIPs like those on this list? I hope it does, all the more reason to be excited about these new releases.

I think that’s a question of the audience, not the terms CoG offers its authors.

And CoG certainly continues to publish sci fi regardless. Looking at their track record, I’m pretty sure they accept proposals on the basis of a broader sense of merit, not excluding any genre.

On the main topic: thanks, CoG, for continuing to offer great deals to your authors!


Well, the contract I signed said $7,500/25%, so I would expect those to remain my terms.

Nonetheless, happy to see this news for future endeavors!


congrats CoG authors


That’s awesome hopefully it encourages more fantastic games


sure feels like a bit longer than that… but hey good on you guys for sharing the wealth with the writers! :+1:t2:

It’s time CoG had an incentive to both combat inflation AND encourage writers to keep on continuing with their projects AND possibly attracting newer writers to the forum to come on board and showcase their WIPs, much like I did a couple of months ago and those that are already light-years ahead of mine! Thank you for this surprise once again!