One week extension: submit your game to the 2015 Spring Thing Festival!


Hi, Choicescript authors! Just wanted to announce that the 2015 Spring Thing Festival of Interactive Fiction has extended the deadline for submitting an intent to enter to March 8th. Games must be finished by April 1st when the festival opens. If you’re working on a new game and want to put it in front of an audience of people who love interactive stories, this is a great venue.

There’s more detail on the official site, but briefly: the festival is an annual tradition since 2001, where a batch of new games are released, played, and discussed together. Originally a competition for parser IF, the Thing is now broader in scope and welcomes all kinds of text-based games.

Check out the site for details, and I’m happy to answer any questions here or sent to aaron at Thanks!


I especially recommend submitting your Work In Progress games to the Back Garden. Spring Thing “Main Festival” games need to be New, Free, and Finished, whereas Back Garden games just need to be New and Free; there’s no restriction on releasing your game with us (commercially) later when it’s Finished.


UPDATE: If you submitted to Spring Thing but didn’t get an e-mail today with further instructions, please contact me directly at aaron at springthing dot net. It looks like we were having some intermittent trouble with the submission form. Apologies!