The 2018 Spring Thing Festival of Interactive Fiction welcomes ChoiceScript entries!

Spring Thing is a long-running (since 2002!) annual online festival for new text-based interactive stories. It attracts authors working across many different interactive story systems. We’d love to see some ChoiceScript entries this year!

Originally founded as an off-season counterweight to the fall Interactive Fiction Competition, the current incarnation of Spring Thing is a less competitive space with looser restrictions. Games aren’t ranked, with a focus more on camaraderie than competition. There’s no fee to enter, but you do have to submit an “intent to enter” in advance. And there are prizes!

The details can be found at the official Spring Thing site, but in brief:

  • Games must be debuts and in a well-polished state (bug tested, etc.)
  • You must submit an intent to enter by March 1st, and your game itself by April 1st.
  • Your game must be free to play, and will be archived on the Spring Thing site after the festival closes, although:
  • You can submit to the “Back Garden” to showcase a demo of a game you’re planning to sell, or a polished excerpt of something unfinished.

Check out the site for more info, and I’m happy to answer any questions here or sent to aaron at Thanks, and happy writing!