Anime Harem style

Should I make the normal Harem and the Harem reverse separate since it would be different stories?

Harem choices game? You mean somethink like “monsters of new haven”?

A game with a Harem anime would be different from a normal game since it would be the love interests that would try to make the protagonist fall in love with them.

This, so much. It’s actually one of the big criticism I’d make to the whole genre, it’s that often it means making do without really exploring its characters and their relations with each others when the MC is out of the picture.


It would also be funny if the player character could just choose to… not. If a player does not co operate with where the game is trying to take them and is incredibly insulting to characters whenever they have the opportunity, there could be an end where all the characters just give up on the player because of the person they are.

Senpai has noticed thee >:3c
And I assumed you meant Yuki from the movie but I totally drowned that out of my head cause KyoAni can’t keep reviving old stuff for money

Honestly I’d say Tsundere is way more popular than Dandere. Simply because of the sudden influx of Light Novel Adaptions and it ain’t a light novel adaption unless you have the tsundere love interest (that is the obvious endgame). Plus a fair share of series that don’t have Dandere usually have Tsundere (Neon Genesis, Konosuba [a bit shaky ground but valid], Modern Hyperdimension Neptunia, ect)


You forgot about a dere dere
Also heres a image and info about wat a dere dere is

The image is not for the dere dere

To put it simply, a character that is a Deredere is a very sweet and energetic person whose entire character archetype centres on their love for a single character. This differs from the other archetypes like Tsundere or Yandere as while they are indeed in love with someone, they are still able to develop their characters separate from them along a different path. For example, a Yandere character would still be able to carry out actions that are entirely selfish in terms of the character that they are in love with by doing things to harm those who would get close to him or by kidnapping him for themselves.

A Deredere wouldn’t even be fazed by another girl getting along with their main love as long as they’re not doing anything harmful to them. She’s even completely fine if their love starts to couple with another girl because that’s just how nice they are. In the end, as long as he/she is happy, the Deredere won’t kick up a huge fuss with whatever happens in the end. They’ll even be nice to all their rivals and have fun in the process. In the end, Deredere ends up being the “vanilla” option, which is not a bad thing, because you can’t go wrong with a Deredere. No mix signals or psychopathic killers, just a straight forward, plain relationship.

Two more things here a link

Heres a link to where i got the dere dere info from

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Well, for me “Anime harem” title associates with “School Days”.
Yeah, that one.

Actually, I can see two ways such game can develop:

  1. Massive parody to make players laugh at silly clichés from the genre. Break the 4th wall, make characters voice their opinions on archetypes they represent, all that stuff.
  2. Story placed in realistic setting. No magical girls, save the world quests, pink/green/rainbow/whatever hair for the main cast. If girls fall in love with Protagonist, there must be a reason for it. And of course ROs are not supposed to have one dimensional personalities, but behave realistically.

I find more dere’s types with meanings, well it also as the ones already mation as well
Here the link

I still hate school days , i wish i did’nt watch that anime😑

hmm… It’s unusual to see “anime harem type” in Choicescript based game, but if you can make it… why not…?

Although… i do want to ask, if you already decided on to take a route ( assuming you are using route, of course) on certain girl/boy, does other love interest will still have a feeling for you or not…?

tbh… the only “anime harem type” game i ever play was “Ace Academy” Visual novel… and the girls there, would get another boy to likes if you already commited to one of the girl… so i am wondering, here.

Another advice I have for you is to flip, subvert, or even deconstruct the tropes and archetypes in this genre.

For example, a tsundere may be a staple of the harem genre, but play with it. Have their default mood be the sweet one instead of the grumpy one, or play it straight and let us players deconstruct it by telling to their face that their demeanor is unlikable.

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she / he will not give up on you until the end of the game.

What timeline will the game have will it be like medival or modern?