Anime Harem style


Cliche list weaboo to English for non weebs

Tsundere: hates but secretly loves charecter example: Louise from familiar of zero
Yandere: so in love they will kill for charecter example: Yuno gasi from future diary
Kuudere: calm and level headed but seem to be emotionless but inside are sweet and caring. example: Rei from neon genesis evangelion
dandere: a very sweet and caring charecter that is too shy to admit it. Will blush and run when confronted. example: yuki from the disappearance of haruhi suzamia


Close for Kuudere and Dandere. Dandere tend to be the archetypal “moeblob” or very sweet girls that are too shy to admit it. So they’ll be all cutesy but will run away in a mad blush if ever confronted on it.

Kuudere is more like Yuki. They’re cold and emotionless/level-headed (depending on severity) but inside are quite sweet and charming to the main character. Gotta break through the Ice Queen shell.

They’re incredibly similar but Dandere tends to be more on the timid side while Kuudere is more on the icy side


I meant the yuki from the movie, series yuki Is definetly a kuudere
Question, which do you think is more seen in anime tsundere or dandere? Personally I think dandere is a little bit more popular


Okay, is there something you would find cool to have in the game?


Well what hasn’t happend before that much is situational charecter building. Like let’s say it’s a very violent and dangerous situation and you see how the harem reacts. Like the kuudere is the awsome commander while the dandere fails and you need to protect them. This way you can trigger multiple feelings for different charecters. Awe and being inspired from the kuudere and protective instincts for the dandere as examples


I never knew I needed that cog until this pls make it!!!


I tend not to like a lot of harem anime yet love others. It took me a while to realize why but its because of the plot. So my advice to you is don’t go into this solely thinking of it as a harem anime.

The more successful harem/reverse harem anime have some kind of plot or quirk going for it. When writing/coding your game, think to yourself, “If I took the romance out of this would it still be good/at least coherent?”

Another thing is, treat your characters like realistic people. They should have lives outside of the main character’s direct line of sight/influence unless it’s part of the character’s motivation or something (i.e. a yandere character might specifically live for the MC to an unhealthy level). This applies to the MC as well as the love interests.

I’m not trying to tell you what to do, just giving advice because I’ve seen so many bad harem anime that could have been decent if they just followed those 2 of the many rules of good storytelling.


Yes, I want to take advantage of the interactivity of the player in the game.

I’m going to make lots of girls. After the player knows the main girl, he will meet other girls and form the Harem, but depending on the player’s choice, the girls will be different.

For example: I’m going to make Two different Yanderes.

Depending on the path the player takes in the story, he will meet one yandere, but the other he will never meet.


Yes,this is true And your opinion is welcome.


For those who don’t know what (reverse) harem is, this is what it look like.


Yes, but it gets a bit difficult when you think it’s an interactive game.


Have you checked the Polygamy thread here in the Forum yet?


Anime (Reverse) Harem isn’t really about having multiple wives/husband, it’s about a young man/woman being surrounded by potential love interest.


Technically it is not polygamy since they are not in a relationship, they are just in love with the same person.


Fine, I’m just saying. It might alienate some people if you go fully Animu wish fulfillment but then again pulling a Trope overload might be funny if not then mildly amusing.


Also wanted to do the game with open world and passage of time.


dont forget to add some conflict into the mix, This is not political marriage after all and not every girl will like each other


My advice is either you make it lighthearted and whimsical, or double down and make it a political thriller with an actual ensemble of concubines from different nations/kingdoms, all with their own personal agendas.

About the protagonist, let us shape their personality. We can make them an unabashed pervert, a chivalrous type, or denser than a black hole.


I rate that reverse harem as one of the bad ones. The guys are all creepy and abusive and the main character is so passive on top of all this that I wanted to scream.

What makes it worse is that the show probably had a decent plot because I remember being genuinely curious about stuff, but the characters and the situations she kept getting put in are what made me give up on the show.

I personally like the “normal” type because it ironically stands out as being weird since the people surrounding them are just so extra.


That’s true, to be honest I watch reverse harem out of boredom, or maybe I just want to see some romance, no matter how boring the and submissive the main female protagonist. Although there are few good reverse harem: Ouran High School Host Club, Akatsuki No Yona, Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge, Fushigi Yuugi and Kamisama Kiss.