Possible Yandere Games....?

Recently I’ve been getting into reading Yandere*fan fictions and such and thought that they would make for an interesting premise in a game. Either as a character or as a whole plot. Now I’m not good at writing stories but I would love for someone to give this idea some thought!

*A Yandere describes a character who is either psychotic or violent or both, and shows affection to the main character.

So you could call them Obsessed or Love Crazy…


Perhaps if you explain what Yandere is, people might suggest games to you that already have yandere characters in them.


Many people may not know what this is; perhaps a small summary would help explain it to us?

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Would you play the part of the Yandere or the part of someone who is…for lack of a better word ‘afflicted’ with the Yandere?

Because knowing what a Yandere is, both could be interesting. And utterly psychotic at the same time. But the two are often interchangeable.


Have you played Choice of Robots? There’s a yandere romance option in that.

Heroes Rise also has a yandere love interest.

I’m trying to think if there’s others. It’s easier for Visual Novels.

The first that came to mind for me was Zayay, which I found a lot of fun. https://psyalera.itch.io/zayay


In “Monsters” a story by @Shawn_Patrick_Reed, you can romance a psychopath, a violent murderer or two and a few others … this sounds like it might fit your definition if you can succeed in getting them to love you that is.

It is a WiP but it is an active project and is being regularly updated.


What is real Yandere tdundere and all that? I always get confused with that manga terms

Yandere, is the seemingly (sickeningly) sweet, kind, fun and loving guy (or gal, if you’re into that) who can turn deranged, aggressive and psycho when certain triggers are met, or sometimes seemingly at random. In summary the “nice guy” who can really turn out to be deranged, psychopathic stalker. Generally I do not like these kinds of characters and I will not let my mc’s romance them, provided we can catch onto their tricks quickly enough.

Tsundere on the other hand generally like to display a cold, uncaring or even downright hostile persona to the outside world but have a sweeter, kinder and more gentle side buried somewhere (deep) within them. If written well I like to romance these lovable jerks and some of the mc’s I play could even be classified as tsundere if looking at the relationship from the npc’s perspective.
In summary the iceman or (former) rival or both who you can defrost if you seriously try for a relation with them.


Jun/Junko From Samurai of Hyuga fits the bill of Yandere pretty well.


Hmm…I don’t know if they have, or ever had a sickeningly, seemingly sweet side to them and the nice guy act is the other part of being a yandere, without that they’d just be deranged, psychopathic stalkers in Japanese media too.

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They have the sweet side, using the honorifics, chan/kun when describing the PC, considering the age seems to be an intentional nod at being cutsey.

everyone else uses the more formal san.

They also act (somewhat) normal until the PC is mentioned in a way that makes it seem like they’re better than hir. From what I recall thats why Jun/Junko wants to kill Masashi/Masami because they stole the PC’s affection away from them and that’s all without getting into carving their name into you, so you’d always be together

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Kasador in Apex Patrol.
Apparently being a crazy-pants cuckoo bird could not sway my MC from subsequently providing conjugal visits


Samurai of Hyuga and Apex patrol have great yandere chars xD I would love more though, no one can love as deep as a yandere can after all! XP


Aha! How could I forget Kasador! They were awesome!


I adore watching, listening and reading about yanderes. There’s a reason Yuno Gasai was my wallpaper for a while. And Russia. And Belarus. And the 2!P Nations. Yandere Vocaloid songs mostly dominate my favorites list. And if only my ancient laptop could handle it, I would Yandere Simulator every time it updates.

Being the yandere is fun as hell. But playing as senpai? It honestly felt really creepy. I played yandere otome game once, and I backed out after reaching the first ending.


Yandere’s are often quite mentally unstable; they’re often willing to tear down the entire world just to preserve the love they feel for the object of their affection.

They can be very dangerous in this way; the most prominent Yandere that comes to mind is Abigail Williams from Arthur Miller’s The Crucible. Her rage at her love not being returned essentially led to the destruction of an entire town. Yandere’s can be some of the worst things people can create; it’s my opinion, but the mere mention of a Yandere in anything is almost always synonymous with somebody’s life being ruined.


Well, there’s this: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1EBJfK7ltjYUFyzysKxr1g

Yandere’s are so fascinating. I always forget that they’re a thing, so they seem to come out of left field. Like that one time, in this game that’s name escapes me, I tried to go after the (seemingly) least assholish dude and got locked in a dog cage. Yeah… :upside_down:

They’re so awful, but I like them for some reason. [quote=“poison_mara, post:15, topic:18965”]
I couldn’t understand how could someone find sexy a rapist psycho person.
Why do you gotta kinkshame us, Mara? :joy:


I’ll note that in my recollection Kassador at least was never personally abusive towards the mc in their relationship, no carving his initials in you and no locking you in a dog cage. So that in my mind makes him a lot better than most other yanderes.


Amnesia - Memories. I wanted a good ending with that guy too… I wanted a good ending and even looked for a guide to achieve it - but the guides all said that was the good ending. (wanted to unlock the mystery guy) so I still don’t have that mystery guy unlocked.

but in the end, Mara is right, at least for me.