Anime Harem style

Would a game like an Anime Harem be cool? I was thinking about it, but I was not sure if that’s a good idea.

Of course the Harem will be modified depending on the player’s sexual choice and will have a story and themes other than the Harem.


What would be the concept of the game? Playing the owner of a harem of slaves?

That isn’t a concept that appeals to me, but I suspect the response you’d get from the forum community more broadly would depend a lot on the execution.

There are a lot of potential flash points around that sort of subject material, which would need to be handled very carefully. In particular, you might want to think about how you’re going to make playing a slave-owner (who presumably rapes his or her harem slaves?) interesting to the reader without creating the perception that you’re glorifying that behaviour.

It may also be worth mentioning that Choice of Games has a policy against publishing content that glorifies sexual violence.


i like your idea make it

This sounds awsome! I think only a few have tried(and only one succeeded so far with vampire house but that is monster girls) but an anime based one would be a dream come true to a lot of us weebs here

Dude, anime harem is not a slave harem. How the hell did you even get that idea


I don’t know much about historical harems. I do know that “harem,” as a sub-genre of romantic comedy featured in Japanese media (particularly anime and manga) is something completely different than what you’ve described here.

This is about how the standard “harem anime” goes:

  • The Boy goes to high school.
  • Sometimes it’s a normal high school, sometimes it’s a magical school, sometimes it’s in space or involves “giant robots.”
  • But it’s almost always a high school of some variety.
  • For every 10 people The Boy meets, about 8 will be attractive girls his own age.
  • While attending school, one of these girls will become attracted to The Boy.
  • She won’t admit this.
  • He won’t notice this.
  • While this girl and The Boy continue to attend school amidst missed chances and miscommunications, another girl will “fall in love” with The Boy.
  • Both girls will immediately realize they’ve got their eyes on the same boy, and will instantly begin to compete for his affection.
  • Neither girl will admit they like The Boy.
  • The Boy will not notice they’re competing for his attention.
  • Depending on the series, repeat the above until 3 to 8 girls are all competing for the same boy (who offers no particular affection to any of them.)
  • The audience will argue online about which girl is Best Girl, the girl who “deserves” to win the heart of The Boy.
  • At the end of the series, The Boy may eventually choose one girl to start dating, though this isn’t guaranteed.
  • Actual sex will never happen, not even off-screen.
  • Sometimes The Boy will notice the girls are competing for his attention. He will still act oblivious around them, though.

I’m not a fan of the sub-genre, but it’s fairly popular among fans of anime and manga.


It in @Protagonist defence the first thing you know my thing of harem if you’re not you know into anime is the ottoman Harem which would be a fantastic game play as one of the members of The Harem there’s so much Court Intrigue involved that’s ridiculous.


In my case, the first harem I know of was animals harem. Which I don’t think would make for a very compelling game.

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I would like to see one made.

Didn’t know about that, only ones I knew in history are harems of kings made of concubines and wives basically treated as baby makers do they couldn’t be that influential

Thanks. That was basically where I was coming from - I thought the OP was pitching a very different game.


I do love me a good harem anime I really do I hope it would be like High school DXD or The Testament of Sister New Devil they were great anime as long as the story is good go for it.

I’d rather have a Monster Musume type harem.


That would be awesome.

I have a thing for monster girls lol


Me to me to my good man its hard not too.



Of course I am my good man its the culture of great men. lol


The game has nothing to do with slaves, but with girls (or boys depending on the sexual choice of the protagonist) who fall in love with the protagonist throughout the story.

This Harem would have characters clichés of animes like: the angry girl who likes the protagonist and does not admit that likes him, the girl who is too shy to reveal his feelings for the protagonist, the cold girl who seems to have no feelings but proves to be one of the kinder people that the protagonist has already met or even a yandere.

The best of this theme is that I can use this in any kind of story. (I’m thinking of making a superhero game with this theme since I’ve never seen anything like it)