Android Problems

Hey there!

I’ve gotten interested in making games in this platform and look forward to make my first. But my time in using my PC is limited. My question is:

Can I use my Android Phone Firefox to load my Script? And edit it in the phone as well?



I program a lot on my phone I use Droidedit

I’m sure there won’t be any difference between the PC and Android. And as long as you’ve the tools, editing/coding your game should be fine on either device.

But I’m not really Android coder, tho, so I can’t really suggest anything on that :thinking:

Editing files on android - i found this


Programming on the phone is slow but very do able. As far as testing and that I normally wait until I can download my files to the pc as tesingt can be a pain at times on the phone when trying to track down a bug. Once on the computer I throw into CSIDE makes bug track 1000 time simpler.


Pls use the old thread.