Android Omnibus for Hosted Games now available

Favorites are favorites - they may include even free games and they do not include every single purchased game. In fact, I’ve purchased 3 HGs so far, but only a single one has made it to faves. One of the other two was “just” okay (enjoyable, but not to the point I’d be planning a replay any time soon), and the last was a mistake, and, as it’s turned out, didn’t appeal to me after all.

Is there a omnibus app for CoG?

Yes, soon. Original post addresses this.


Will choice of game still releasing the game separate from android omnibus and hosted game omnibus?

Yes. That’s in the FAQ in the first post in the thread.


Im glad. Its just im afraid after they make omnibus i cannot buy the game separately in Google play

Not sure if it’s just for me but for Fatehaven I can’t get past Chapter 5 it just shows error 403 and endless refresh now option

This is a good question to send to

Sent! Thank you!

The Hosted Games omnibus is now available on the Amazon Appstore for Android. If you have questions about it, email us at

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@dfabulich I’m having problems with the omnibus (playstore) and sent in an email to the main support address I think it was about a week ago. Should I resend it to the specific app email address?

@Jacic I believe I did answer your email, unless there was another one I didn’t see - try checking your spam folder?

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Thanks, found it :slight_smile: It made its way into the spam folder unforutnately.

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