Android Omnibus for Hosted Games now available

One question though, like in iPhones starting now, will new game releases be in the omninus app for Android Play Store aswell? Or the changes only for Apple and we Android users can still see them as separate apps?

This has already been answered in the Omnibus FAQ, along with many other questions! :slight_smile:


Oh woops sorry, didnt see the top part my bad.:ok_hand:

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Just downloaded it and about to give it a test. The restore was smooth and painless. Sorting, searching, and tagging are great. I’ll check reviews, too.

I can’t restore purchases since i use google account to log in to my cog account :confused:

Your forum account (this one @blob) might be different to your actual CoG account (the one you input when CoG asks for e-mail to “save” your progress). Try to dig in all your e-mails if you have more than one.

This my CoG forum 2nd account, my first one was @Alder. I screwed up and forgot my password and couldn’t reset the password, because of the two factor identification stuff. (no idea about the barcode and the code to insert for the two factor identification app)

Technically i still had my purchased games on my google account though. Can we restore purchase using the google account instead though…?

Whatever email you use for the forum doesn’t factor into how to restore a purchase in the omnibus.

When you go to restore a purchase, you have the option of having the omnibus detect the previously installed app on your phone. Id you’ve already bought it, then the omnibus knows that and voila, you now have access to it on the omnibus.
The other way is to restore it manually using any email you have associated with a purchase, even if it’s the one you don’t have connected to the Google Playstore.

So, it really doesn’t matter what your forum account uses for the email, as your forum account isn’t associated with any of your purchases, only your emails. Does that make sense?


Oh wow… it works now. But i need to create a new account, because for some reason they didn’t had any record about this account, which is weird.

Thanks a lot!

Your forum account is not the same as


I am glad for the option that will be useful for visibility. However, I am not interested in it so glad for option still of buying independently

I love the new app guys thanks.
Though restoring purchases from Google play (the older i deleted along time ago are the worst)
And if i could make some recommendations when you are looking at a game some where on the screen we should be able to look at the warnings and Rating for it(E,E10,T,M)
And also a way to sort through the store page to look for just the free games

@Lord_Gong you can sort by price so it’s pretty easy to find the cheap and free ones by going to the lowest priced HG’s section :slight_smile:

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There’s a “Free” button at the top of the Search tab.


Yes that is right but you can do that after you search for something.
What i mean is on the main store page have a section for the free games. Just like Bestsellers

Thanks for the suggestion. We don’t have plans to make a design change like that right now, but we’ll keep it in mind. In any case, you can still locate free games in the search page.

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Could you perhaps add a To Be Read shelf for unpurchased games that pique the user’s interest? I picture it to look and function just like Favorites, so it hopefully shouldn’t be too difficult to implement.
Maybe I’m the only one, but I’d really love such a feature. :slight_smile:


Not a bad idea! I think, functionally, we expect users to use that favorite feature for just that purpose.


I use Favorites for games I’ve played, enjoyed and am likely to play again, as opposed to games that I’ve played and didn’t find all that fantastic and worth multiple playthroughs. TBR would be more like a shopping list - once purchased, the game could be taken off the list (manually by the user to keep things simple). Also there’d be no guarantee a game that was once on TBR would make it to Favorites as well. In other words, it’s two different lists with different purposes I wouldn’t want mixed up.
Of course, a new shelf/list would be just a nice little touch to add to the app, it’s not too big a deal or anything. I only wished to clarify the matter. :slight_smile:

Sure. And how does the “purchased” section differ for you from the Favorites, which you use for games you have played?