Saving the fill-ins/frequented input within COG and HG apps on Android?

Any fine, strong genius happen to know which service is responsible for saving the fill-ins/frequented input within COG and HG apps on Android? A three-years-young intelligentphone has scant problem offering a drop-down list of my past preferred names & musings, but alas, 'twould seem my shinier, even newer-fangled device of Samsung technological evil now refuses to save any past data within these beloved apps. Could this be due to the upgrade in OS? WebView? The Google? My recent appreciation for videos featuring guilty pets?

Any insight and/or solution that doesn’t involve tapping the phone with a golden hammer–(I’ve tried)–and I will gladly give you all the flowers…:tulip::bouquet::tulip:

Wow, you write even a customer complaint (if I got the point right) elegantly…

Anyway I think restarting games through the omnibus was made kinda unnecessarily complicated, maybe that’s not the right word, but it’s kinda frustrating that what was done with two taps before (open menu then tap restart), now requires me to quit the game, then go to my library, then restart game and open it again to play it. I wonder if this could be made simpler?

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Too sweet. :crying_cat_face:

I am actually unsure if it is the COG apps themselves responsible or some other dark wizardry afoot. I absolutely ache from having to re-enter everything anew with each restart of the games.

Edit: Thank you kindly, @Gower, yet now a bit :sheep:ish as @Cari-san’s post was actually a practically perfect suggestion for improvement within the omnibus and really belongs there where it can be lauded and looked upon rather than banished to the void with my own lonely issue.

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Eh, there’s no perfect place for this post, so I figured it can stand on its own.

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I don’t really understand what you’re trying to ask, but if it’s what I think it’s, here’s a response from Mary

To clarify, third-party stores usually give developers statistics on how their product is doing in the market (number of purchase, rating, history, number of purchased DLC, etc.), but they never give devs any specific data about their customer. This is the main reason why purchase transfer is hard as well as other issues such as: freebies sharing (redeem keys), regional price adjusment (this is done by the store themselves).

Of course, I must remember that my phrasing can be very niche & not immediately decipherable outside of my own mind. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thank you for the assist, but my actual issue has to do with the standalone apps & wondering how I can retrieve the convenience of this:

as opposed to this:

Ooh, I see now.
Drop-down lists utilize caching. Now I’m not sure whether ChoiceScript used in the omnibus has this, but I know that CS is different than your standard standalone apps.

It can be tough to implement unless Dan brute-forced on the CS source, but it is probably the best if you contact CoG staff through mail (or just put this somewhere on the Android Hosted Games Omnibus thread) for feedbacks like this.

Or I can relay that post to the thread so it’s immediately visible to Dan, if you so wish.

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Ah, thank you. I did think about sending this via support mail, but I was certain this new little quirky annoyance didn’t necessarily lie at COG’s feet, & wouldn’t want to trouble the omnibus as I’m not currently aboard.

I’ve been also having this issue since I bought my new phone (in february).
And I guess I managed to misunderstand your first post, thought you have some issue with your save files.

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