Get CoG games for free!

No, not by stealing them. Support authors you monsters.

This tip is specifically for Android users that purchase their CoG games through the Google Play Store. If you’ve never heard of it Google Opinions Rewards is an app you can download that lets you do micro surveys (usually less than 10 questions) that rewards you with Google Play credit directly into your account (usually in the range of 30 - 50 cents per survey). If you are having trouble justifying purchasing CoG products (and I know that to some people even a few dollars can be tough to justify some months) it’s a great way to get the games you want to play, while ensuring the authors and CoG itself are still able to make a buck.


Ignoring how click-baity this title is, lol, I can attest to this being 100% legit as this is how I’ve purchased a lot of games from the Google Play Store.

One thing to note is that this app pairs best if you keep your phone’s location on as Google will send you more surveys depending on the places you visit. As far as I can tell, this is to aid in increasing the accuracy of Google Maps, and is also entirely optional. Keep in mind though, if you opt out of that—at least in my experience—you’ll receive less surveys because Google just has less info on you telling them that you would be an appropriate candidate for such-and-such quiz.

I’ll preemptively admit that this can all come across as creepy as heck, given that you’re effectively giving Google information regarding your habits—I especially get uncomfortable when I get surveys following my use of Google Assistant—but considering how much information Google has on me anyway (via Google Maps, Google wallet, my personal gmail account, my school gmail account, etc)…meh. I figure that I should at least get something out of it, you know?

And this is just my opinion of course. The Opinion Rewards app isn’t a requirement to purchase items through the CoG/HG/HC omnibuses (omnibusii?) or even the Google Play Store. This is entirely supplementary…gosh, you can’t even call it income because you can’t actually exchange it for money, so you’re effectively just receiving Google Play Store credits, I guess? lol

The point is, it’s ok if it’s not something you’re comfortable with or interested in! To each their own!


Omnibuses :sunglasses:

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I was expecting something else when I read the title lol.

TweakBox Tutuapp

I can practically hear the infomercial voices, lol.