An error in the demo( or code?)

Hey, so, the game just crashes when it comes to this point in the demo -

Here’s the code for it -

I can give more shots of the code, I don’t know why this is happening, like the demo just freezes.
Pls help :sob: :sob:

I had a look at your game file, there’s an endless loop further down at *label ch15 after which you’ve got *goto ch15 so it will repeat and freeze. Check that section and make sure it’s going to the correct label, and that may fix it.


Yep, Just looked at it and now there’s another error over here -

It freezes when I choose to be silent, idk why? like it points towards ab1 and then goes to s4.
Really sorry for just dumping this on you, and thanks a lot for the help

Based on the screenshot you included, it’s hard to tell. Here’s what you can do to figure it out.

All of your code here is just labels and commands, with nothing showing on the screen, so it’s hard to see what the exact point of failure is. Try putting a line of text after every label, something simple, like just the label name. Then, run the game and see what the last label printed is before the game freezes. That’s where you should look for the problem.


Really sorry to bother you’ll but I fixed the problem, there were a few looping statements etc. Extremely sorry for not closing this post yesterday.
But genuinely thank you for this idea, hope you have a great day :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

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