Alchemy/Crafting systems


Are there any games on here or in development that have sophisticated alchemy/crafting systems?


Not that I’ve encountered, no.

Life of a Wizard had a fairly simplistic item creation system, but without any dynamic of gathering reagents.


No, but I’d very much like to see someone make one in Choicescript and happily lend a hand to anyone brave enough to pursue it!


I’ve already made most of one, @CJW. :stuck_out_tongue: I was just asking to see if I could snag some ideas from others. I just did it last night out of boredom.

I would love to see your opinion applied to it…



It’s not so much a game, I just made it to see how sophisticated a crafting system I could make. It’s probably got a lot of gaps in it, too, but I think the foundation is there.

Basically, you run a potion shop. Every day has 10 turns, you use these turns to gather resources, make quests for adventurers passing by, or most importantly, to mix potions. After you use up your turns, the day ends and a new day begins. Every new day, there’s a 1 in 6 chance that a “random event” will occur. These random events vary depending on your fame level, and they can either grant you a boon (extra gold, an item to sell, fame boost, etc.) or a burden (lose gold, your shop gets robbed, etc.)


I have a very simple cake-baking contest puzzle. It’s not the same though.

Caddmus has a forge mini-game on the unicorn path of

I don’t think there’s any games with alchemy or crafting systems though.


I’m going to have to check out that cake system, @FairyGodfeather. It sounds delicious…


It’s still a work in progress. It needs more deliciousness added since at the moment it isn’t really. I need luscious descriptions of all the ingredients.

I’m going to check out your system when I get the time. It looks interesting.


Are you able to see the code I used in the link I offered above? I am still new to all the Dropbox stuff.


Yep I can see the code.

It’s just and then you hunt for all the scene links.