Aegis academy


I’m entirely new to the whole interactive fiction genre but it has quickly become a growing borderline obsession.
I am a writer (not an entirely good one) who is wanting to transfer his tale from what it is into maybe something utterly amazing. I am looking for a friend to find potential in this and help developed it into a game. Somebody want to help with this or at least point me in the right direction?
Here’s the prologue and first chapter.


Its a good start to a story, but not sure about a game out of it. Would need more info, but look forward to anything you put out.


The game could make use of Manipulation of character and pet. As I stated before I am a mediocre writer usually but I have had this story in my head for over four years and I want to really make it into SOMETHING at least. This is to showcase the staff while still leaving much open to work with. There are elements that aren’t listed that will make this game kinda b.a.


Sound intresting would love to help, but finding time to work on my own is a chalange enough. If you do get to work on it I will comment.


Maybe can help you out. He is looking to be a co-author.


Hehe, I’m glad that word travels fast! :slight_smile:

I have read the story and it works for me as far as the style and the details go. I think a story developed in your head can easily be turned into a choose-your-own adventure. If you need help, I’m happy to comply. :slight_smile:


Can I just ask: Isn’t Aigis the proper romanisation of Athena’s shield? Not Aegis? Or am I thinking of something else?


Aigis is the proper Greek form while Aegis is the Latin form I think.


It’s based off the shield in which had a face so horrendous, that it petrified any who saw it.


Medusa’s face.


or my moms, take your pick.


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