Advice on what to fix

I’m having trouble with…
Does it get stuck on loading for you on option one in dashingdon cause on ide choice script it doesn’t keep loading and just works

The error I’m getting is:… no error just confused as to why one works and other doesnt

What does your *scene_list (in your startup file) look like, and are the scenes listed in that *scene_list all uploaded to Dashingdon?

On Dashingdon, your file will often be stuck in “permanently loading” if the current scene/file ‘ends’ but you don’t have another file for the game to pull up afterwards, especially if you’ve defined another file in your *scene_list. In CS-IDE, all of your files are presumably in the same place, so your CS-IDE version of the game pulls up the next scene/file without getting stuck.

To stop your Dashingdon file from being stuck as “loading,” you probably need to put in the command to end the game at the end of your script: (*finish) or (*ending), and re-upload the file to Dashingdon with that command.

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Found it. My file folder on iPad capitaled the r in royalty scene