Across the Skies and Seas (WIP, short demo) Updated 7/8/16

Would, but for some reason even using it a little bit freezes my computer… On all 3 different one’s I’ve used hahaha.

Randomtest is not within my grasp it seems.

Good work, slave. You’ve earned rest.

I’ve already sent you 3.0 before. Ludi will do some editing and I will also write the missing scene in 2.0.

Cheers mate!


Oh and we will need to implement @Lordirish time/date coding system. But let’s not worry about that for now.

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Sent you a message on Skype for future recommendations.

Yes it has less pervertedness in my demands.

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Kindly change the title to ‘Across the Skies and Seas (WIP, Updated 8th July 2016)’


I can do that too you know hahaha

Oh. Hahahaha

The French lyrics by the way are not arranged properly in the demo.

Once again I thank you Knightstrike,NeoHeartless,and that kitten of yours for this lovely update.


Ergh. Send them to me again and I’ll fix it.

It’s in your Skype now.

@AAO and thank you for enjoying the update.

@Knightstrike should be fixed now.

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Sorry, was in the train. So, didn’t see :stuck_out_tongue:

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Eating grasshoppers. :dragon:

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Are you calling Cecilia with the dragon emoticons?
If so that’s pretty neat…

@Snowpanther making me do hard work like changing the title for you…

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Blame it on the train, not me!

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She would more likely be called with :rose: … I would think…

but the last couple of times I thought, my dolphins got rained upon and Mr. @Knightstrike claimed I was aiming low blows at him ><

Anyways, I’ll be quiet now so kitty doesn’t get mad about thread derailments (see the tie-in with trains?)

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Nah you’re alright. Hahaha

There’s a missing scene in this update (Roussignol). Also Lamarre is kind of lacking.
So more editing for us next update.

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I have to warn you, that because I didn’t find a summer job, my brother and I are forbidden to go onto the house or go on the laptop/play video games when it’s sunny, so, I guess I won’t be that active this month. :angry:

Pencils and notebooks (the old-fashioned kind) are your friends. :rainbow:
With the writing bits at least. Coding is a bit difficult with pen and paper.

Still, that sounds pretty annoying.

And Snow, did you do the dot thing again? :dragon:


Better start befriending your neighbours. Hahahaha…

Make up some excuses that this is your summer job. That when we finish this, you’ll be able to charge people off for downloads.

You really need to learn how to sweet-talk people, Ludi. :laughing:

That’s what I intend to do, @Cecilia_Rosewood , but I hate being forced to go outside. Especially when it’s sunny. And I don’t see why I would be punished if I didn’t find a job despite having searched. I only came back because my other brother came to visit us.