Across the Skies and Seas (WIP, short demo) Updated 7/8/16

I didn’t read all demo But I want to ask two things to better understand because I am confused as hell.
First as Spaniard seem NAPOLES OUR KINGDOM IN ITALY UNTIL FRENCH STOLE US talking in French is a kick directly in the national pride :wink: At least it is no Gibraltar. (and it is a joke. No problem :slight_smile: It is the fact when I read Napoles I get excited cool A Spanish similar place FINALLY. . :sob:

And about the choice of selection husband wife best friend. I am choosing my sexuality? It is confusing.

Also I don’t want to be besties friends with my husband wife. I want a political turbulent marriage. Or at least meh. The small part I read was so sugary ahhhh :ambulance:

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Hah, no, you don’t choose your sexuality.

The best friend is not your spouse either :wink:

The scene is tooo sugary … Comme on Gimme a most distant option :wink: If my friend treat me like my husband i am worried and it sounded or like my butlers or like my mom

So you would like more choices in how to act toward the best friend?

Exactly, I am portraying a ultra competitive ambitious woman who came from a old but poor noble family and It is trying WHATEVER AND WHOEVER it takes gain power and money. She just think in herself and family she could fake being your friend (lot of charisma) but no real at all. And marriage is political alliance one no a lovely one

This is a good point.

It only in the very early stages, but we will definitely keep your suggestion in mind.
Thank you :slight_smile:

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no problem that’s what beta testing is for and it is funny. I seem little grumpy but always trying to help.

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Sadly, you cannot come from a noble family because there are no more nobles in Napoles, Won’t say anything more, since it will be a spoiler. It is now a Republic, a combination of Rome’s republic and the modern republic, where supposed to be, everyone are equals (but not really just like in real life).

A senator’s term is for 10 years, and they can get re-elected as many times as possible as long as the people vote for them. The voting system is proportional representation.

We will be able to do something about you acting distant towards your significant other, whether it be the bestfriend/wife/husband. That was how I was picturing the scene but again choices and it doesn’t really detract from the main plot. So we will take note of this. @Snowpanther Make sure we do little girl. Hahahah

Also Napoles is our France. Caedos is our Spain.
Midgard is our UK.

You’ll see more countries as we go along.

Muchas gracias hermosa senorita.

Writing is done for the next update. But it’s all up to @EmperorHeartless.
If you want your updates, bug him instead. Hahahahah…

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Oh cool, No problem My character could well starting her own family empire… Sadly I don’t like play as a commoner. Also Napoles is Napoles If you put it like France any Spaniard or Italian who read this would be confused as hell. It is like calling USA, UK in a fictional world people would still thinking in real life versions.

But I like the universe and I could give you any ideas if all of you want. But the Napoleonic directory vibe is there.

Actually we called it Napoles after Napoleon and not because of Naples, Italy.
Sure, just type your ideas.
We’re always open to suggestions.

We do have Spain and Italy in our world by the way.

Caedos = Spain
Taleia = Italy

@EmperorHeartless The second update should be here soon.
@Lordirish And when the maps are done, you’ll be able to see the world too.


Naples real name Is Napoles it is that way in Spanish and Italian. So there’s my confusion.

So are you Italian and Spanish?

If so, could we ask you if we need translations?

Like I said, we have countries similar to Spain and Italy in our universe.

Spaniard and Naples was Spanish 300 years so If you need any translation I do it. Isla de la cocina was a good ester egg


Thank you senorita. Hahahha…

Will take you up on the offer soon. We’ll have envoys coming from Taleia (Italy) and Caedos (Spain) in the upcoming updates. We’ll ask you to translate from English when we reach those parts.

Yes, @Snowpanther came up with Isla de la Cocina since it’s an island full of different spices.

you were almost close Call Your spain FART LOL Pedo in spanish is fart Paedo would be so Funny :wink:


Not PAEDO it’s CAEDOS (Kay-dos). :stuck_out_tongue:

The name is not actually Spanish. It is Latin. And there’s a reason for that too. Can’t spoil it though.

But the country is similar to Spain back in the 15th century.

Yeah but still funny the similarities.


Is it wrong that I just can’t wait for the genocide to happen because I am so tempted to just ruin the lives of so many natives, I feel bad, sadly I think I’m the new Andrew Jackson.


cough New update is out cough cough

Secretly holds up sign saying “Help, @Knightstrike is holding me hostage”

In all honestly though, I’ve been very busy so sorry for the wait. There’s going to be a few errors as quicktest can only get you so far. Regardless of all that…




Use randomtest as well.