Achievement Tab Not Appearing?

I am testing my game using Firefox and the Achievements tab is not appearing. I have the achievement declared in the startup.txt like this:

*achievement test visible 10 Winner
    Win the game.
    You won the game.

The achievement is achievable through one of the following .txt files. Am I doing something wrong?

Patiently waits for @FairyGodfeather to show up.

Really guys? No one can help me out? Haha

Well, to start with the basics: have you downloaded the latest ChoiceScript version from GitHub?

Yes, I just downloaded it last week

And when you open your index.html in Firefox, there’s no Achievements button?

Welp, beats me. Sorry.

Hang on, I just tried it again using the same files/game on a different machine, still using Firefox, and it worked fine. There must be an issue with my Firefox setup somehow. I’ll try updating the software later and update this post letting people know what the problem was when I solve it.

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I seem to be having the same issue - my Achievement button is not even showing up.

Okay, I came home and tried it again and now it’s working. I didn’t change anything… Seems like it might just be a ghost bug.