How do i add achivements to my game?


Cant find any documentation on how to do it! Not in the wiki or guide!


Could i get some helpe please?

*achievement started visible 10 n00b!
    Start a new game
    Started a new game

This is the code I used for my first achievement. Use

 *achieve started 
to award the achievement.

The first value is the code name, then either visible/hidden (the description of how to get it, or whether it’s listed), the point value, then the achievement name.

The first line is how to get the achievement, and the second line is how you got the achievement.


Here’s the official description: Achievements?


Thank you! Is there a way i can make the game save?


Nope. I mean it should save once it’s online I think.


*achievement commands should be in startup.txt, btw.


Game doesent save when ran with Dropbox+Pancake, how can i fix it?


If you’re running a standalone .html that you compiled, it’s just not going
to work. You need to host it, is that what you’re doing?


So you don’t need to use a “create”’ command in front of *achievement?

And do the point values really mean anything other than they can’t exceed 1000 all together?

This concise little explanation was very helpful.


Thanks! Ill use this in my game!


Hey guys, how do you add achievements to your game, cause im really confused by it and I would like some help, btw I have a learning difficulty so i might find it hard to understand what your trying to tell me


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