Ace of Spies - WIP


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Hello again. No new build, but I expect to have a significant update available for the start of the French Open.

First of all I actually have a new reason against custom names. Setting up the match screen was enough of a pain when it had to handle Li and Hernandez, the thought of having to deal with a last name like Carreno Busta, Sorribes Tormo, or Suarez Navarro is terrifying not to mention Auger-Aliassime and Davidovich Fokina. It’s one reason that in Ace of Spies there just won’t be any hyphenated last names for tennis players.

Now for a preview of the actual update there’s enough going on that I’m going to number it:

  1. Most importantly a match engine prototype for doubles. It’s both more and less complicated than singles, more complicated because it’s twice the players, twice the skill variables. Less complicated because I can pretend styles of play are less important in doubles. The doubles engine will also feature my first attempt at randomized point generation (only used in long deuces which occur in roughly 10% of games). I’ll offer some more details when I update the build.

  2. Surfaces and playing styles in singles. I’m not crazy about how I’m implementing them, but they will be implemented so serve volleyers will get the maximum playing surface bonus(+4 for all skills) on grass, baseliners get the same on clay. To go with that I’ve implemented changing playing styles working off similarity scores for the styles. IE Serve volleying is more similar to power players than it is to defensive baseliners or tricksters. I’ve worked up two whole tables for them which will be included under the stats screen.

  3. A momentum function so that the skill ratio I’m using to determine game wins changes slightly from game to game. IE Breaking or holding at love is an indication of how the match is going more than holding at 40-30 and that’s now reflected within the engine. At the moment the singles engine resets momentum every four games, but I’ll probably change that to resetting every set or every six games at some point.

  4. New singles and doubles matches in Dubrovnik, Valletta, Austin, and Altoona to make the most of the engine tweaks.

  5. Finally a tutorial function to show what random numbers are being used. I’ve been using it just to make sure I know what numbers are going into where and figured it would also be a nice option for actual users.

Reminder all of those additions should be available in about a week, hopefully they’ll even work properly!

As ever thanks for reading, be back in about a week.