Absentia [WIP || 2/20/23]

Absentia is a mystery thriller set in the fictional city of Aurora, Montana. It’s currently not at the point where it’d be considered 18+, but caution is advised for darker themes that it can contain later on: references to past psychological torture, sexual themes, profanity, alcohol/drug use, murder, and the related crimes associated with it.

It’s been five years since you had been taken; vanished without a trace from your home, from your life. You don’t know the reason behind your abduction, nor do you know the game your Kidnapper was playing at. All you do know is that everything will never be the same again. For you and for everyone you know.

Detailed Synopsis

Five years…

Five years of hoping…

Five years of praying…

Five years of begging…

You were gone— vanished into thin air on your way home from work— and no one ever found you. Ripped away from your friends, from your family, from your life.

Everything had been torn away from you in one of the cruelest ways possible. At times you weren’t sure if you’d ever see the sun again in all its glory. Feel the wind caress your face as sweat dampened your brow.

That is until the hours you spent hoping actually meant something; you were able to escape. Able to feel the blades of grass, the small rocks beneath, digging into your palms; the sun beating down on your back as you scramble away from your own personal hell.

You just weren’t prepared for how much things had changed. How the world had truly kept spinning with your absence; the people you love continuing to go on.

It wasn’t a matter of survival anymore… it was a matter of finding your place in a world you had been torn from.

A world that you didn’t know if you’d ever fit in again.

Romantic Options

Kade/Kara Lewis: Your ex-spouse— who you were with from the time you were 18 until you disappeared— seems to have changed so much but not at all. You don’t know what to make of anything that has happened— don’t know where you stand with them— but it seems you’re about to find out.

Michael/Margot Steele: An old childhood rival that has become a well-respected surgeon within Aurora. Their snarkiness had dimmed little in the time you were away, but you could tell that they wished to tell you something. You just didn’t know what.

Blaine/Blaire Ellis: Your best friend in the entire world— whose bubbly personality is exactly what you need in the time you were currently living through. Will you be able to lose some of your own darkness while in the face of their sunlight?

Wren/Wynn Cassidy: An FBI Agent that has swept into town the moment news got out that you were found. Agent Cassidy didn’t give much, if anything, away but something told you that this case meant more to them than simply catching a bad guy— it seemed almost personal.

Nicholas/Natalie Paxton: A classmate from your school days that you have never truly interacted with. Until now. As they’re the prime suspect in the case of your kidnapping— will you be able to unlock the puzzle that they have put in front of you? Or will they always remain an enigma to you?

Romantic Option Art

Kade/Kara Lewis:

Michael/Margot Steele:

Blaine/Blaire Ellis:

Wren/Wynn Cassidy: N/A

Nicholas/Natalie Paxton: N/A

All art done by the incredibly talented Enspey.

Important Information

Please note that Absentia is still very much a WIP, and not everything has been implemented within it. Some choices, and scenes, still need to be added but I hope that you still enjoy the experience of what Absentia has to offer. And, in some regards, the MC has a semi-set personality. (Just wanted to add that on here in case that’s a dealbreaker for some of you.)

Also, ignore any typos or whatever else you may come across… They will all be edited in due time. Thank you so much for deciding to try my game regardless!

Basic Information

Absentia is currently at 48,000 words in total (excluding command lines); with only a Prologue and Chapter One available for you all to enjoy as of now.



Oh… This one is going to be interesting

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I don’t have time to read it right now but this seems very interesting.

Interesting! I’m so looking forward for the next update. Keep up the good work~ :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


@Eleana Wait…did you not have a forum page until now?? Huh…could have sworn…Oh well, lovely to see you here as well :grin: :grin:

For those of you who have not read this until now, hooooboi, you are in for a treat!!! This is one of the wip IFs I keep a close eye on!! Srsly, check Tumblr, soooo many good IFs being made that are not on the forums here!!


I remember reading this on Tumblr and was hooked, can wait to see what’s next


Whiplash! But just a tiny amount. I remember reading this one months ago from the tumblr page. It really is one of the more interesting ones I’ve been watching. Before I was sure if this was what I thought, I was thinking ‘isn’t this the one where you find a key in the fruit bowl?’, and was surprised to be right. I’m looking forward to this ones development. It should be good. :smile:

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I hope the mc will be able to gain some measure of control over their life again sometime soon. Of course I am no psychologist but in my line of work I have met with my fair share of both criminals and survivors and most of the latter category crave some (semblance) of control, so the babying they do of the mc right now probably isn’t helping all that much and while I know it is meant to be a sweet gesture I don’t think my mc really likes his childhood rival picking his clothes and taking yet another of even the most minor choices away. Yes, it also shows the mc’s former rival is wealthy and succesful and has expensive taste and those garments can probably make someone very happy, but that person is not my mc. As soon as he has something, anything, else they’re going to charity or a pawnshop (consignment shop) if mc really needs the money.

I also don’t know how wise it is for the mc to talk to the FBI without counsel present, particularly in this unrecorded one on one setting, even if the agent is an obvious hunk. Though that one may well be professional deformation on my part. :sweat_smile:

Apart from those minor things this one does look promising.

That said I really don’t envy the poor mc here rebuilding their lives is hard enough for all survivors but most have not been as thoroughly out of the loop as the mc, which makes the lack of control and resulting feeling of helplessness even greater most likely. :worried:
Did mc even have any sort of budding career themselves prior to being kidnapped or were they still in college back then, since they apparently married very young? The former would at least give them something to return to other than being a victim and gaining some control over their finances would probably be helpful too.


I was thinking the same thing, i couldve sworn there had been a thread for this before!

Oh well, always glad to give it another read

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It’s a diamond in the rough. Even through it’s short i prefer quality over quantity. I loved all the characters and their quirks. U also introduced the world and its setting very well. Keep up the good work.

One question if u don’t mind. Will our character have flashbacks of their past especially the day we were kidnapped? Realistically it’s going to take a long time to recover from the trauma and feel safe again. U don’t have to do it if u don’t want to, I was just curious


I think we will but the author sometimes give non-spoiler answers on Tumblr on asks related to this one. You might one to check those out. :sweat_smile:


This is giving very criminal minds vibes.


I had been following this game on your tumbler for a long time, so glad i get to play it on here!!

I love the WIP so far. I’m looking forward to uncovering the mystery and what you will do next.

Love it. It so bittersweet meeting the husband :sob:


Umm, this is amazing! The story is so intriguing, the ROs are all to die for, and it’s so well written! I’m in love with it


@Eleana i remeber playing this before from dashingdon so i am glad you have a thread for this now. :smiley: looking forward to seeing more of the story as it progresses.

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Like the story. It really has brought me into the world that you have created for us. it has seemed, if it is the same person. That we may have been the only one that he seems to have passed his test or the closes one.

i thought the title looked familiar. Ive been following this on your tumblr for a while now, good to see it on here as well :smile:

I’m excited about this game when I read the introduction, and the demo is definitely interesting. I just hope we can see more descriptions of what happened in that house, and what did the kidnapper do. So far my MC recovered pretty well but maybe the initial level of mental health should be lower (something about 50% perhaps?) considering MC’s situation and appearance description. This is such a refreshing theme and good luck with this work!