Absentia [WIP || 2/20/23]

Oh, this is wonderful.

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ABSENTIA!!! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

(I already knew about this wip from tumblr, and because I know the lovely author but its the best thing! Please try it if you read this!!)


  • Impeccable vibes
  • Exciting drama
  • Wonderful writing
  • Varied and super fun ROs
  • mystery galore :sparkles:


  • I am obsessed

Well i guess this is my new obsession


This is something I didn’t know I wanted until I saw it. Looking forward to it!

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This has so much potential, love the premise, love what I’ve seen so far, looking forward to see what’s next! :relaxed:


Oh man, I was so into this that when I saw the “Play again” choices I was so upset :sob:

Also, when we meet the (ex)spouse, do we know that they’re an ex or are we not aware that they are in another relationship? I ask, because that was not brought up when we met them and I didn’t ask Blaine.


We will find out soon besides if they did move on it would be understandable since we disappeared and never came back. We have gone for a long time without saying anything and it’s probably best they leave the past behind despite how much it hurt.

We still have a chance to fix our relationship with them so don’t give up yet.


My experiance playing a few different choices it may not yet come out blantantly it is implied with some of the choices.

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Game done in my home state sold already.

Yeah, I certainly don’t blame them for moving on. Especially since their new lover helped them heal from, what they assumed, a loss of an important person.
But my petty brain is looking forward to the potential drama and angst that may unfold from the whole ordeal lol.




Screenshot from a post I shared on the Absentia Tumblr— a brief concept snippet for the first kiss with an unnamed RO.


Starting premise reminds me of the movie Old Boy (2003), fantastic film

i love your story ! i wait next chapter with impatience :blush:

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Has potential but I would say there’s not enough trauma, thrill or urgency at the moment, it just didn’t make me feel enough so I think it definitely needs to be improved.

Also this is a pet peeve of mind but why do all the characters either have black or dark brown hair? very strange, more diversity in hair color is needed I’d say


I do not think the author is going to be changing any hair color. But the MC can be the chosen different one \o/ Red head MCs wooo!

Edit: Forgot to add M has naturally blonde hair, they just dye it black. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Imma steal Gabriel’s Girl

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I love the story, and especially the characters. The feelings for each other, the feelings of MC when she’s happy that she is free, the bonding with old friends…(my route through the wip)
I think the whole brunt of drama will come when MC sees their kidnapper…
I’m looking forward to read more about your story :grinning: :blush: :grin:

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Hell, I don’t blame our spouse for moving on :persevere:but I’d be lying that it didn’t really hurt that much. For the sake of my MC’s mental health, I am getting a divorce soon. But I will have another route to steal them back from gabriel/Gabriella or just steal them back but end up with another LI for the sake of drama lmfao


Man…I wish the MC hasn’t to be buddy-buddy with the ex, I expect the MC to lash out or stewing in silence or have a breakdown over their lost relationship with their ex. K, you’re moved on and happy with your new partner right? I hope my MC can get a divorce and move on too, I don’t think it’s good for his mental health to cling over a hopeless hope that his ex husband wants him back. K can kindly back the fuck off and let my MC heal his broken heart with someone that will never gave up on him.