Absentia [WIP || 2/20/23]

I mean, to all intents and purposes, you were basically dead, everybody thought you were dead, moving on, was the correct decision


Nah screw that mourn me for the rest of your life.

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Add to that we’re not speaking about 1-2 years here but 5 that is plenty of time. Now if this ordeal had taken 1-2 years my mc might have had the same reaction as OddCat’s. As it is my mc can understand K’s desire to move on.

While this one is billed as a romance game my mc’s first and foremost priority would be to get his own life back on track any romance would be both incidental and accidental to that. If it does happen my mc will still want his own job/career and his own place, don’t expect him to shack up any time soon.
My mc hopes he can salvage something of his previous career or at least get a job that allows him to get his own place asap. Which incidentally ties into K, while my mc blames the kidnapper (and himself) for his present circumstances he may indeed need the spousal support from a divorce to get back on his feet.

My mc’s first priority, unsexy though it may be would be to get his own documents, driver’s license, passport, bank-account(s) etc in order. The sooner he can stand on his own two feet again, figuratively and literally the better he will feel.
Too bad we cannot ask any of the characters practical questions like that at present.


Realizing that the spouse had moved on is definitely going to be difficult for mc. But I can understand the spouse’s choice. Dealing with a dead lover is very traumatic and can take years just to recover from that. She has the right to move on since no one should be pining for a dead person for 5 years. My mc feels sad but isn’t going to convince her to come back. Trying to reconnect would just bring up painful memories for her.
My mc wants to move on from the trauma and be ready for the coming challenges. He wants to investigate the past and all that mystery.


Interesting! Good luck!