About the tutorial -- I don't understand a part of it

I have tried my best to understand this part but I just don’t get the hang of it.I am intending to learn for the choices of hearts only.

  • Windows: Double-click on run-server.bat. Windows hides the part of the file name after the dot, so run-server.bat looks like run-server.
    • The first time you run it, Windows will pop up the Windows Defender SmartScreen (“Windows protected your PC”). Click “More Info” and then “Run anyway.
  • Mac: Double-click on serve.command.
    • The first time you run serve.command on a Mac, double-clicking won’t work. (“‘serve.command’ can’t be opened because it is from an unidentified developer.”) Hold the Control key on your keyboard, click on the serve.command file, and click Open. From now on, double-clicking will work.

What are you trying to do?

Is this post in the wrong category? Should this be under Game Development - Coding instead?

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If you’re trying to write a game for Heart’s Choice, you can’t just do that on your own. You have to apply and be invited to pitch a concept. You can write a romance book for Hosted Games if you want …


I’d like to add that if you use CSIDE you don’t have to deal with these files.

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Firstly, as Aletheia said, you cannot write a Heart’s Choice game on your own. There’s an editorial process that involves submitting your CV to COG by email and going through their development process.

However, if you want to write a game for the Hosted Games label…

Open the folder where you downloaded the ChoiceScript files. You should see something like this:

The circled file is the one you need to open. Double-clicking with the mouse, or highlighting and pressing enter, will do that.

I am assuming that you have a Windows system. If your computer is a Mac, the file folder will look a little different.