A Witch's Path (WIP)



We’re One Punch Man?


Naruto/Avatar? What’s that got to do with what I said? I’m probably misunderstanding what you’re trying to say.


In the beginning they had massive power Naruto couldn’t use his efficiently thus kinda Sucked Compared to his potential, Meanwhile Avatar Could use all the elements Very well, he just didn’t Know how to…



Well kinda yes? Your actually a very quick learner for magic and using your powers. Like you only need to do a spell once and you’ll master it perfectly while normal witches would need to practice. And once you understand how your powers work you will be a total bad a$$ when using it.
Example for people with pyrokinesis might set things on fire by accident at first but once you know how your power works you will be creating fire whips, shooting five fire balls out of each of your finger tips, and create a fire dragon.
But that pendant around your neck keeps you from turning into a master Witch right now. So your a powerful witch but you can already be a master and beyond if that pendant wasn’t suppressing your power.


I’m gonna throw that blasted thing on the ground and stomp it until nothing but dust remains :expressionless:


Its enchanted. When the MC try’s to take it off you will instantly stop and think “Wait? What was I about to do again?” and it will be out of your mind until later in the day you’ll realize what happened.


I can destroy it without taking it off… probably.

But seriously, why would Mom and Dad put that locket on the MC?! It seems they did it just for the lols :expressionless:


Ah thanks for clearing that up. I’ve read naruto up till the end and watched avatar but it’s been a while since I’ve done either one.


You will find out…eventually why they did it. And that would be a thing your mama would do to get lols ha.


This looks like a good game. Looking forward to the demo!


Thank you! Yah my friends who I let read my ruff drafts seem to like it so I hope you guys will too.


mfw I decide to check back on this thread and the first post I see is someone accusing an RO of having a foot fetish.



So our mc not only has to his ceremony with the 13 year-olds he has to room with them too? :roll_eyes: :scream:

Can’t he share a room with one or both art-club cuties? :yum:


They wanted an ugly baby…


Yes idontlikeusernames they are going to have the most powerful witch that ever existed share a room with a weaker witch. I hope you read this with sarcasm in mind lol.


You know from what we know thus far that may actually be the truth of it and not only that they apparently wanted an ugly “muggle” baby.

Well just checking, you know there are wip’s over here where the thing/guy/person, whatever who created the whole universe/multiverse doesn’t even get his/her/their/its own room. So it never hurts to check. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Though I guess sarcasm doesn’t always translate well over the internet.


I love your guys theory’s about why your parents gave you that pendant lol. Makes me look forward to when you learn the truth.

oh Children of the Gods if I got my hands on your story lol. Lol nope no sharing your room. To bad tho that you live in a Night Coven home. Lol if you were with a White Coven home and choose to join the Night Coven they would give you or make you the best penthouse in the whole hotel:


So the night-coven student dorm looks and feels or perhaps even is a five-star hotel. Whoa!

It’s too bad you’re aiming for PG-13 for the rating, because my mc wouldn’t mind sharing a penthouse like that with Zack, or whatever his name is now.


It’s Jasper now.
20 char


Hopefully more of a Jasper beardly and less of a Jasper Hale…