A Witch's Path (WIP)



Ugggggghhhhhhhhh I don’t know who those people are!?!?!?


Yah it is a hotel. Didn’t you see my post explaining how the Covens look?

There you go

Jasper Beardly From the Simpsons, Grandpa’s friend and Veteran Overly Friendly.

Jasper Hale Twilight Saga Part of the Cullen Family By marriage (someone Should Call Alucard)


Ok I’ve been looking for a link to the game for months either I’m blind or dumb but I can’t find. It seems so intersting and it is driving me insane that I can’t find. Please help a dumb blind and slightly insane man out.


You’re not missing anything, it doesn’t exist.


The demo might be out in October.


All this hype for a game that hasnt even came out of demo? That just makes me even more excited! Thanks guys for telling me.


Would’ve been awesome if Soleman or the other sol names had stayed but I’ll have to remember the new name when I romance him or not. The name Soleman fitted the appearance and everything to me but the new name is a tad bit eh. :disappointed_relieved: :sweat: :neutral_face:


Ooooooo lol I only know that guy from twilight but not the simpsons dude. I guess Jasper is more like the twilight Jasper, but if he was part of the Valtori(I think they are called)


what kinds of grimoires are therel


Here are the grimoires I’m using:
grimoire headgrimoires  5IMG_3086



To be honest I’m new but everything I’ve seen so far of this is absolutely amazing and I would love it if you could let me test your game for you


Well, the demo is not come out yet


:cold_sweat::scream::triumph: that makes me very sad to know but please let me know when the demo comes out I’d love to try it


It will be out by the end of summer. Just got a few bugs to fix like for some reason it will only let me pick pyrokenisis as my first power. Figured you guys wouldn’t want that lol. This is what happens when two newbies try programming.


The demo should be out by the end of summer, so get your emotions ready.


This movie looks very interesting. lol I feel like I would be sooo lost if I read the books tho.
Feel a connection to the 3 woman in the trailer because they remind me of my characters the immortal witches. So watch it if you want to know how I’ll be writing how they act towards your MC.


In stereo: Darling, are you lost?
Creepy as heck…


Looks like I have 21 days to finish my demo or my post closes, I think? No pressure lol just sending my work into the world to get judged by strangers :sweat_smile:.
If I do t finish will I not be able to post it again!? So I only get one shot!? Again no pressure :sweat_smile: haha…ha :disappointed_relieved:


No, that just means that the topic closes after 21 days without anyone posting a reply. And if it does close, you can just ask the moderators to open it again. You can post the demo (or anything else) whenever. :slight_smile: