A Witch's Path (WIP)



For a moment I thought “your mom” was one of those jokes about moms… I’m not prepared for pure-hearted people ;w;


This sounds great where’s the demo?


Who’d win, power wise, Amelia or Mother?
God dang it… so either get rid of the locket or… is there anyone who can bring back the dead right now? And optional but preferable mind control?

Oh I hope I get mother’s power early, is that why we have to choose who we resemble more?


Oh, I don’t remember if it was asked or said before, so forgive me if it has… How are gonna be our rooms? We’ll have a room of our own or they’ll be shared?


Yah that’s how she is in public she’s more nicer but the same around Jane and Amelia.

I hope to release it by the end of summer.

Most likely Amelia lol. Since she would transfer her body’s disintegration to Diana your mom.
Sadly only your father Jonas was able to perfectly bring back the dead. Other witches only bring back the dead through necromancy which basically just controlling a husk. And mind control is easy magic to learn lol.

Lol no but hey you never know lol.

You have your own bedroom since you live with your aunt. But if you choose the White Coven you’ll have your own room still.


As long as I could still use the kill switch, it’d be good.

Amelia vs Oliver Soloman?

Wait the rich kids share?!


Oliver would win he can shield himself from her power so she’ll feel the pain and sustain the injuries she would try to inflict on him.

Only the witches with lower magic share rooms. Witches with strong power like the Night Coven RO would have their own room.


Curse you Dinkleberg Oliver Soloman!


Oliver Aramburo lol.


Curse you Dinkleberg Oliver Aramburo Soloman!


This is looking to shape up to be pretty great. I like how not one person can overpower anyone. The MC can’t overpower anyone right? Or can they in the future? Also Jonas and Diana sound really original as names. And remind me are they from different covens? Because if they are then the MC is basically Bayonetta.


In the future the MC will be able to overpower anyone.


Ok so eventually the MC will be OP right?and is it total power or do you they have to be smart about it?


Absolute POWAH!!


So brute force power? The MC just has sheer power over everyone?


The Mc has everyone’s power, past, present and future…


Aw thank you nobal Bull. And yes the MC is the Miraculum their magical power is stronger than any other witch in history, even the 5 immortal witches.
Yah I like there names too. And yes they are from different Covens. Your father Jones was a White witch and your mother Diana was a Night witch.
Lol and good job picking up that similarity that’s were I got the idea of having them in different Covens from.
Btw would totally be a sage in the world of Beyonetta.


You Called? What is it you wish of this PowerFul Divine P.K Time Witch?


So the MC may have the most power but in the beginning they don’t know how to use it right? Cause power alone can’t help you unless you know how to use that power.


[Insert Naruto/Avatar punchline here]