A Squire's Tale–Outwit the faeries to rescue the prince of England!


I hope I am not being a bother, but is the King in the story Richard The Lionheart? I love reading about the Plantagenets and it would be very interesting if he is the one who knights William! And how exactly is Squire Bigod related to Margaret Of Norfolk?

No problem - the king is Richard II, also known as Richard of Bordeaux. Richard the Lionheart was a couple of centures earlier.
And yes, he’d probably be a grandson - Margaret had a large number of grandchildren.

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Thank you for this, Im goin to have a playthrough of this one.

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Is there a sequel or timeline for this series?

Saw this game recommended, and it looks really interesting! One question though: can ROs be romance regardless of gender? Are same gender romances possible here? (sorry if it was asked before, I couldn’t find any clarification on that).

Same-gender romance is possible in every CoG game that includes romance.

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One thing I’m still baffled is how this game was able to get away with restarting the whole game after the interrogation in Chapter 7…

Best to report it to support(at)choiceofgames(dot)com so it’ll definitely be seen and can be looked into and sorted!