A Princess' life (WiP)


Hello all. I’m a relatively new face around here, so I don’t really know how things work yet.
I’m currently working on my first CS game. It’s coming along rather nicely up till now.
It’s currently about 37k words long. Like the title implies you’ll be playing a princess. (No, I’m not going to write a prince’s side. It would simply be too much work. And I’m not going to pull some strange gender switcheroo like ‘Choice of Broadsides’ either.) You don’t have to play your average helpless fairytale princess. You can be just as rebellious as you want to be. (For example, the branch of the story I’m currently working on involves you killing off both of your brothers in an attempt to claim the throne.)
The structure of the story is not that of a typical CoG game. Instead of branching off and returning to the main story this story just branches off. (and those branches branch off, and the branches of those branches branch off etc. You get the idea.) This causes you to end up on completely separate paths. Because of this there are quite a lot of completely separate endings. Last time I counted there were 17 endings (including several deaths). That was when I was at about 20k words.

I would have preferred to have waited with creating a WiP-thread until after I’d finished at least one of the seven (seven) main branches, but since I feel like I really need the help of you guys right now I decided to start a thread this early. You see, because of all the different branch stories (it’s more like a collection of short stories than one coherent story) you run into a lot of different people, and I’m really struggling with naming them. So if you could post some at this thread it would be greatly appreciated.

On a separate note, I’ve also ran out of witty remarks. Your help with that is also greatly appreciated, but it’s not as urgent as the above. If you don’t want all possible names to end up as either ‘Jack’ or ‘Joe’ you’d better lend a hand :wink:

I look forward to your replies.


The WIP Graveyard

Sure! The shared versions of my works-in-progress live in directories in my Dropbox setup (I have had an account for a while, so I have “public” directory). The path to the game “Your One Moment” looks like this to me: COMPUTER/DROPBOX/public/cog/moment. In the “cog” directory is the “mygame” directory. I develop it elsewhere on my computer and, when I am satisfied I didn’t break an update, I copy the contents from the development “mygame” directory into this one.

In the “mygame” directory is the index.htm file. I right-click on that to get the link I can share with people: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/6646093/cog/moment/mygame/index.html

I never have to change that URL when I update the contents of the “mygame” directory; I just tell folks there is an update (or let them find out for themselves).

This makes it easier for beta testers, since they know the link they have is always to the latest version of the game I want them to look at.


@cottage I honestly don’t have a clue about how to do that (the single location thingy). Could you please explain?


This might help with names, http://www.rinkworks.com/namegen/

I think it’s a interesting story idea, love to see the demo when it comes out!


I’ll try my best.


I’m looking forward to playing a demo of your game. :3 princesses ftw!


Do you by any chance have a link to something like that that is a bit less fantasy-like?
The setting is somewhere in a somewhat realistic middle ages, so I’d like to keep the names a bit more regular middle ages ish.


Your idea sounds very promising especially because of the high replayability :slight_smile:
I hope you’ll also include some RO but anyway i look forward to your demo. :wink:


I’m still quite new here, so I don’t quite know all abreviations yet.
Would you mind explaining?


looking forward to it.

as for names there is always the name gen that @PORT3R gave you, or you can get inspiration from tv, books, video games, even Dungeons & Dragons has some pretty unique character names.

what are you looking for in the remarks? insulting, playful, snappy comebacks?

& @Cecilia_Rosewood, RO/RI means Romance Option /Romantic Interest


Something that suits my rather sarcastic sense of humor.
Sadly that’s the best description I can give.



It wouldn’t be much of a princess story without romance options…
And beheadings, but that’s an entirely different thing altogether.


ok you can check out a couple of sites they have some quotes & sayings you might enjoy




These things are awesome (though not completely suited for the intended use).
I’ll see if I can find something usefull.


This might do http://www.namegenerator.biz/medieval-name-generator.php




Yeah! I can’t wait to play as a princess! Here you go for names: http://fantasynamegenerators.com/
And here are some Philippa Gregory’s quotes: http://www.goodreads.com/author/quotes/9987.Philippa_Gregory


New link.
It should be fixed now.


Are you keeping the older versions for reference purposes? If not, you can set a single location and just keep updating the files in the mygames folder.

For the games I’m working on, I’ve been sticking the version number and progress notes on the summary page you get to when you reach the end of the game. Just occurred to me that I could put that stuff in its own file linked to with a *gosub_scene from the stats page.


@Foxalyptic There are going to be a few arranged marriages in the story, but there are none in the current demo.