A Golden Opportunity - Beta

Hello, I’m Dan and this is my first attempt at a ChoiceScript game. It’s a relatively “bite-sized” game with more of an action-adventure focus, but hopefully you’ll find it moderately entertaining and encourage me to write a sequel :).

The game is A Golden Opportunity. In it, you play as a thief in need of funds, stuck in the poor town of Greywood. The only gold in this town is locked up in the Merchant’s Guild vaults, guarded by mercenaries. But, word on the street is that a new delivery of gold is on its way, via horse-drawn carriage. You’re not the only one interested in this delivery, however, as a band of adventurers also has their eye on it. Do you team up with the band of adventurers, or strike out on your own?

Currently it’s about (90%, 6 Chapters, 30k Words) done.

To play the demo, go here: https://dashingdon.com/go/12015

Thanks for any and all feedback, and hope everyone is having a great day!


I got one of the endings where you get the 1000 gold coins with that APPROVED letter of M on the solo run

Will try out other routes, didn’t notice any grammer or tense mishaps, the immersion was crisp enjoyable.

Overall, short, sweet and snappy. Enjoyable!

(Would recommend putting in save slots so that when we reach a false ending we can load back up)


Thanks Paradox! Good call on adding the save system, will add that shortly.


Just uploaded an update that adds very basic session-level per-chapter saves. Also fixed a small bug in the forest ambush section.

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Another update, adds a very short optional sequence in the stronghold.


I think a save system might be a good idea, it’s a little hard to replay everytime you make a mistake.

Thanks for the feedback! While I did add chapter-level saves, it sounds like you’d prefer more frequent saves? I’ll look into this.

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