A Booth at the Antique Show (WIP)

Action! Adventure! Antiques!
(Okay, I’ll stop repeating myself). The excitement only increases at the antique show when the mummified body of the presidential assassin John Wilkes Booth unexpectedly arrives. As the TV producer of the PBS antiques appraising series, how will you cover the story? And did that mummified body just move on its own? Hmm…

Play as male, female or gender neutral. The game contains mild profanity and mild to middling violence. (Comedy-Horror)

I’ve actually completed a first draft of the the approximately 55,000 word story-game, but went back and reworked chunks of the opening. I’ve posted the first three chapters for feedback plus as a way for potential beta testers to get a feel for the game and see if they would be interested in signing up.(The call for beta testers will go up soon). If you find typos, mistakes, bugs, lack of clarity or pretty much anything else, let me know. All comments appreciated.

To play the WIP, click this: LinkToWIP



I will check this out later when I have the time to delve into it. But title and description alone already make me a fan.

I love this game for the “Roger, Roger” joke alone. Well, I like it for other reasons, too, but I just really liked that joke.


I really like the idea of been in an outsider point of view. It is fun. Especially the comments, I like how nonchalant the protagonist and the cameraman are. It is quite a original story. I like to play a support character or a normal person(who isn’t normal in the end because of the personality) because they do not have to deal with the pressure and all that comes along with being a main character. It is great how you can watch from the side all the action and attention(bad and good) given to him while you remain kind of safe. I absolutely like how you can comment and mess with them.

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Thanks for the replies. As events progress, your choices force you to become more of the focus of the story.

I think this should be confident not confidant :slight_smile:


Good catch. You’re thinking is correct. Thanks.

Holy crap, this demo is insane and I love it. This has to be one of the most original premises I’ve ever seen for a game (probably the most original now that I think about it) and I’m really excited to see where you take us. I never thought I’d wanna hang with the reanimated corpse of John Wilkes Booth, and yet I’m really hoping we gotta work with him to get that scroll back.

The cheeky lines in this are absolutely wonderful. Particularly “Mike, mic. Mike.” and “Roger, roger.”

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@NorWal: Thanks for the comments.As the story continues, things get even crazier and more dire for you. A beta will be coming soon.

@SoleWanderer: Thanks for response. Most appreciated.

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