5 overly ambitious ideas

So, after all this time roaming in the forum (and a lot of procrastinating on my end), I’ve decided that I should do something productive for a change and do a story. Now, admittedly, I’m not exactly savvy with Choice-Script and also uni life will be taking priority, but I am hopeful that I attempt to do one at the right time. Problem is, I have an imaginative mind and unfortunately, I have come up with 5 story concepts. So I’ve decided let you guys recommend which is the more interesting one. I can promise you all , irrespective of which choice is picked, a story that is (hopefully) complex, filled with drama, existing in its own universe, plot twist and all, one which should be most satisfying.

Now the choices:

  1. The only easy day…was yesterday (Action)

To any eagle eyed user in the forum, they may have recalled I had originally try to conceive this idea a long time ago. Of course it panned out, but the idea was and still is a solid one. To give you a basic idea, you, a soldier, were captured during a mission by enemy combatants. As they torture you in various ways, you reflect back on your life, from childhood to now. These experiences, will not only determine your fate, but perhaps the whole world as you must also avert a possible catastrophe.

  1. The Noble Companions (Fantasy)

25 Years ago, the world of Lemuria was saved from a Dark sorcerer by an alliance of Men, Elves, Dwavres, Orcs and Fae. You, an orphan from the final battle, are taken in by the Elven king. Now, on the coronation of your adoptive brother, a prophecy is foretold, where the sorcerer is said to return with an untold evil. You, your brother and other royal heirs are tasked with the duty to prevent this from becoming true, though how far the costs and sacrifices will be,ironically, falls to you.

  1. Underdogs (Sports)

When a career ending injury ends your prospective football/soccer career, you lose/forsake your family, friends, your love for the sport, everything. Then, an unusual second chance comes knocking on your door when you are offered to coach your old team to win the prestigious Intercontinental Cup. Will you be able to redeem your team, reconcile with your family and finally, yourself ?

  1. Gifted (Fantasy)

To you, a thirteen year old, your life is most unusual; 5 years ago, you were found near the city of London without any memories of your name, your parents or even your past life. Placed in an orphanage, you believed nothing else stranger would come from this…till you learned that you’ve being accepted into the renowned Meridian academy, cause you apparently possess magical abilities. Whilst this revelation astonish you, you must now try to navigate the life of being a magical being and a student of aforementioned school, all the while trying to find clues to your past.

  1. To war…again (Action/fictional with maybe a slice of comedy ?)

A long time ago, you were cursed for betraying your countryman in an important war. Now you are cursed to live through time but also enter war when it is declared. The only way you can escape your curse is if you are on the winning side of history. Sounds easy enough right ? Just one small problem; you were also cursed to fight on the LOSING side.

Now to be fair on myself, all of them will take a lot of brainstorming of names, concepts and whatnot, adding to the fact, 2 out of 5 books could actually become a potential series. Hence, I will most likely ask some users for some creative advice, otherwise I will more that willing collaborate with others as well. Anyhow, I will set up a poll just to gauge public interest and I welcome anyone’s opinion and discussion, especially about how I’m way over my head.

P.S. I do admit, some if not all my story titles are not original. If you have any suggestions, let me know.

  • The only easy day…was yesterday
  • The Royal Companions
  • Underdogs
  • Gifted
  • To war…again

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Edit:Ok, so I just realise I made a mistake with the poll, where I meant it to me single choice and not multiple choice, clumsy me. So I restarted it on the third post ( sorry to those who voted earlier) so that people choose the No.1 preference. No pressure :grin:. P.S. don’t mind my vote, another mistake.


I do realise the blurbs for each potential story may not be enough information so I’ve also decided to talk about my inspiration for each.

For the first story, I’ve always been a fan of anything military related, for being reading about wars to learning about weapons, planes, etc… At the same time though, I didn’t want to do a typical military story; I wanted to do one where there is some backstory for your MC via flashbacks which are triggered at certain parts of your interrogation.

For the second story, I wanted to try a story of an unsung hero, cause (spoilers) you ain’t some chosen hero or something. In fact, you are viewed in the world as a sort of black sheep, for lack of a better term ( yes, I’m attempting to include discrimination in this). Nethertheless, during this quest, you are thrust in a role where your actions has implications on your adoptive brother, companions, the areas visited and the mission overall.

For the third story, I have noticed there is a lack of sport driven stories as well as one that has that underdog feeling. It also helps that it would be written about my favourite sport. At the same time however, I aim to make a little bit more complicated by adding some prejudices in there

For the fourth story, I’ll be honest, I may have been influenced by Harry Potter, ironic seeing as I didn’t read or watch them in my youth (For some reason, I’ve become attracted to it partly due rewatching some of the movies, the new mobile game coming out and I guess Fantastic Beasts). However, I will try and incorporate other features from other books, movies and games that include magic and fantasy and other aspects.

The last one, let’s just say I almost had a Eureka moment with that; essentially adding a integral twist to what would have been a played out idea to make it more interesting. Of course, I have to decide whether I plan to use a historically obscure war or be 100% fictional about it.

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  • The only easy day…was yesterday
  • The Royal Companions
  • Underdogs
  • Gifted
  • To war…again

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Information about gender lock?

Most definitely, I’ll be doing male and female. I might consider doing just those two alone just for simpicity.

Love both Gifted and The Royal Companions.

To War Again has the most unique and interesting concept I’ve seen in a while. Imo it has potential to be a great story. I would drop the comedic bent you had planned for it and make it more dramatic but that’s just me. If you keep the comedy I would make it more bitter/ironic.


They’re really interesting ideas, but I don’t know why any would be overly ambitious. So, you know, you can probably work on a few at the same time. But maybe that’s just me multi-tasking.

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I like the idea of the only easy day was yesterday, it’s a different kind of game and I’d like to see how it turns out, but all of the games look interesting.
I think you should maybe see which one you have more ideas for and more motivation to work on.

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I agree with Beezlebub, I think the “To War Again” idea is really unique and have some questions about the time period! The curse makes it sound like it’s fantasy as well? Or, since we’re immortal, are you going to really stretch it out so you have like a fantasy war playing out and a sci-fi war playing out?

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Torn between gifted and to war again, going for to war again purely because it is the more original premise of the two and there are already a significant number of magic and or superhero school games. Don’t get me wrong the latter is a popular genre for a reason, but still going with the unique one here. It must also be one heck of a powerful curse they placed on the mc to make them live practically forever and experience the whole, war, war never changes (even though the weapons and methods of it very much do) over and over again.
Also curious about exactly how long the mc in going to war again has already been alive, did they start out as the equivalent of an Eygptian chariot-archer or Greek Hoplite and have now ended up fighting as jet pilots for example?

Pity the polls here don’t allow for ranked choice voting as Gifted really remains a close second for me too.

Well, the comedy part is sort of not set in stone so perhaps I could instead make it dramatic.

I’m probably going to be grounded and most likely pick like an obscure war in our world history. Yes I know, not that ambition, but I was thinking about what if scenarios which may in fact had impacts in the future.

Now you’re making me feel like bad that I didn’t choose the ranked polling :sweat_smile:. Believe it or not, I could do a double take and suddenly do Gifted out of nowhere, simply because I’ve sorta thought more of the idea whereas, as I wrote earlier, to war again was just a recent idea that popped in my head and I sorta haven’t figured out those details. But we’ll see.


I would like to see either one of the action/war stories or the sports idea come to life. Your fantasy ideas are good too, but COG has a lot of those and the Action plots are really original!

The irony of my military/actions ideas are that they are good in theory, yet that chances are this would be a super long haul project, especially To war again due to alot of brainstorming and research. In comparison, the fantasy, particular Gifted and even Underdogs is less tricky, especially since I have honestly gotten a decent outline and idea for them.

Which reminds me, to everyone, how would you feel if I attempted a sort of a Telltale approach in terms of character relationships and to a lesser extent, progression of story ?


What do you mean by a Telltale approach? I kind of figure that CoG games already do that a lot. Do you mean that characters will explicitly mention your past actions to give you a sense that your choices matter? Because I am always a fan of that over the “James now likes you +10% more” approach.

And about which story to pick, you should take whichever you find most exciting because you’d be more likely to finish it and the excitement will come out in the writing! :smile: If the scope of the military ones intimidates you then it might be best to leave them for now. I know how you feel because I dread projects that require extensive research because it’s just not my cup of tea, but I also know a lot of writers that can’t get enough of that aspect. At the end of the day, an easier project means that your motivation isn’t strangled as much and you can just let the writing flow!

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Yeah, something like that.

Yeah, I like to thing these would be like my pièce de résistances, but after I believe I am experienced enough.

I think Gifted should be the best story ever. It reminds me of the Harry Potter Books and Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery.

That’s is the kinda the feel I striving for, but I’m planning to include other references to magical institutes if you will. To elaborate, I might happen to include things from the Circle of Magi from Dragon Age.

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