2117: Highway Wars (Submitted, closed)


I think you should complete everything else first and save the AI endings for last. I have a feeling it’ll be very rewarding and satisfying to code. Plus ofc you’ll get the feeling of contentment when you finally finish this game. I for one am looking forwards to it.

Edit: it might be a good idea to put your game through Cside it has a grammar check could save you a lot of time and effort.


Yes, I’m really trying to get there as I remember how satisfying it was to get Tokyo Wizard (my first solo game) finished. However, the last stretch is always the most difficult one, as my batteries are starting to deplete a bit (and I don’t want to put it aside, but rather I’m hoping to finish it in the next few weeks).

But, two questions:

-What is Cside? Anything that can help with grammar is welcome, as no matter how many times I read and re-read I keep finding problems (basically it’s about 150,000 words now, which is the equivalent of 2-3 novels, and when you read and re-read you start to get accustomed to the sentences and no longer pay attention to details)

-AI endings… I’m not too sure about what you mean, as I already coded some of these into the game. Did you have any endings in mind that you think should be there, or any paths that you feel should be in the game? ( I have some more endings in mind, regarding failed attempts to take over the world for example, and the MC succumbing to the vampiric virus, etc, but any ideas regarding ending states are very welcome!)


Wish I didn’t have so much to do today, really want to read what you’ve done :slight_smile:

CSIDE: [CSIDE] The ChoiceScript IDE
(I often run things though MSword as well although I still miss stuff!)


Ah yes of course! I had made a mental note to download and try it but forgot. Will try to play around with it tomorrow. Thanks!

Otherwise I had a productive day and wrote another couple of scenes for conquering part, though they aren’t uploaded yet…


Just uploaded the two scenes I wrote yesterday. The conquering part of the game now allows the character to subjugate two towns, and attempt to obtain the support of Zamora. More will follow in the coming week, hopefully…


So uh… about that one ending… if we have the ability to terraform Mars, why not terraform Earth instead? :stuck_out_tongue: Sorry, I know, that’s probably not really useful criticism, I just think it’s kinda funny how many sci fi stories have things like this but don’t ask that question.


That is… a good point!

Ok, thanks, I’ll think about that, and maybe prepare a short alternative ending if the MC goes in that direction! I won’t make it that long like the colonising Mars ending, which just goes 4-5 decisions in that direction, given that most people didn’t seem that interested in that ending . But basically just a small little ending if the MC thinks about that.

Any other thoughts on ending states are greatly welcome!


in the instances of teriformation over a few hundred years some creatures may die off due to having already adapted to the current climate and not being able to handle the perspective change so rapidly (in evolutionary adaptation that could be considered a little fast)
its usually done in non inhabited or less inhabited places for that reason, where efects on wildlife is easer to handle or replace


The whole reason we go to Mars and terraform it is because earth’s environment has become so inhospitable that we want to leave. It really doesn’t make any sense to go to another planet that isn’t even capable of supporting us at all and terraform it if the reason is because earth is less hospitable than we’d like but still significantly more hospitable than incapable of supporting us at all. It makes way more sense to use that technology to make earth more hospitable. The species that are adapted to the current environment would be adapted to be able to survive off of less resources than the previous ones. Increasing the supply wouldn’t somehow kill them, it’d just make them flourish. I mean, this isn’t some alien planet where water and food are toxic to life. It’s still Earth. Just Earth with less resources. Not all that much time has even passed.


Out of curiosity, has anybody romanced navigator at all? Or just not that interested? (I think I’m not very good at developing romance interests…)


I’ve tried to but it didn’t seem to go anywhere. I didn’t find any other romance options in the game so I figure you weren’t really putting too much of that in the game, but maybe I just need to play more options.


I think she exploded on my playthrough


I’ve gotten Judy several times but keep missing with the male. He always says “I’ll think about
It” I think


Sounds realistic … commitment just isn’t in the cards for some :wink:


I have romanced Judy and she is a good RO (imo)

Honestly I don’t know how to criticize Romances as all ROs in any game seem good when I try them out :stuck_out_tongue:


I did not know there’s romance in this, now i play it again :smiley:

Also how do u stop your navigator from exploding


That’s story title quality right there. “How to Stop Your Navigator from Exploding!”


Make sure you don’t hire them as the gunner. I would take one of the mitilia people.


Pretty sure you can’t hire navigators as gunners. They’re two separate categories.


I’ve done it before with the male navigator though that was a long time ago