2117: Highway Wars (Submitted, closed)


The militia navigators and gunners are two different groups (i.e. you cant hire the gunners as navigators, or viceversa). The 4 mercs can be hired as either gunners or navigators. Each character has a different personality (aggressive, serious or playful), so you can’t romance them in the same way (what works on one of them won’t work on the others, and their opinion of you changes also according to what you do, so an aggressive navigator will feel more attracted to you if you win fights, etc…) But, glad that some of you found this, and that it is also “hidden enough” that it does not detract from the game for those who are not interested in RO.

Also, Wilda can be romanced later on, though not sure anybody has done that? Also, is there an interest to make any other character romance-able?


A bandit character would be interesting. The lovers on different sides of a conflict and lovers who first meet as enemies tropes are both classics. The conflict between bandits and road marshals doesn’t seem nearly as cut and dry as a violent feud between families or a war between rival nations, so there’s a lot of wiggle room in motivations The bandits just want to survive and their means of doing so is to take things that don’t belong to them, while the Marshals are just trying to protect the free cities. Plus redemption stories are cool.

I feel like I never really got any idea who Wilda is. Like, maybe I missed some choices somewhere. She’s a fellow road marshal right?


I agree , I think it would be really cool to have that sort of romance. Especially if say you encounter Maria in her tent , don’t take her money , and decide to spare her , you could re-encounter her during your campaign to control the wasteland,convince her gang to join your army , and romance her.


@Shoelip, Wilda is Aurik’s navigator, though it is possible to go through the game without meeting her (same goes for Maria). Basically you can meet her briefly in Zamora, and then for a longer time later in Magaz. Maria can be met at her tent, then later also in the bar in Magaz (provided that you met her earlier), and then yet again at her base. I hadn’t included any romance option for her later, as I wasn’t sure there was any interest for her. But, I’ll add that on!


Otherwise, in Simancas when you have to face the mutants, I repeat the word homo anthropofagos too much. I was thinking of just given them a nickname from the second time I describe them. Which do you think is best? Flesh-eaters, morlocks, trolls, cannibal-men, ghouls? Any other ideas? Somehow I’m not so happy with any of these names…


I don’t remember encountering Wilda in Zamora but it’s been a while since I read that part extensively what with all the late game content added. I always figured Maria was intended as a romantic option after you changed her original description to mention her attractiveness. Then again I figured she was just some lowly mook rather than a leader, which could have been just as interesting. The leaders of the bandits are usually the only ones to get any sort of development. Actually now that I think about it, I haven’t ever actually wanted to kill her, so I don’t know what happens if you do and then rescue the guy before he leaves town. That other town comes under attack because of Maria kidnapping Teresa’s brother right?

It’s something I don’t usually think of as a straight male, but all of these suggestions for romantic options are female.

Ghoul seems like the most nicknamey nickname that’s still accurate. Maybe also “fucking vampires” Morlocks and trolls seems too weird and fantasy. Flesh-eaters just implies carnivorousness. Cannibal-men implies that they’re humans who eat humans.


So, which nickname do you think I should give to the cannibal mutants? (so far Home Anthropogagos, as opposed too Homo Sapiens)

  • Morlocks
  • Trolls
  • Ghouls
  • Ghuls
  • Izcacus
  • Strigoi
  • Moroi
  • Other ideas? (let me know)

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Basically some of the new ones come from Eastern Europe myths, as in the game I describe the “Flesh Wars” as part of the reason why Northern and Eastern Europe are particularly destroyed.


i dont know why but when i saw the Morlocks i started thinking of Murloc’s


Thanks to everybody who voted, it helped me a lot!

Basically, in the end I went for the second most popular choice (“Moroi”). I was a bit torn as to whether to go for ghouls (given that it was the most popular choice, and I try to always respect as much as possible people’s opinions), but I thought that this might make some people think they are “undead” or “zombies”, or something like that. I wanted to emphasise that they are mutants (as it is possible for the MC to also become a mutant later in the game), so I thought that going for a new term might be better.

A new version of the game is now uploaded, reflecting those changes, more grammar tidying, and the possibility of conquering up to 4 of the regions in the game, plus making allies of Burgos and Zamora. All of these have their own sequences, though I’m still going to make a few new ones for Bilbao, and the possibility of allying with Sergio and/or Teresa (if the conquering phase doesn’t start with them). I am also hoping to write the code for attacking Burgos or Zamora, in case the MC decides to just become a warlord.


Second post today. Basically I started working on a new map for the “conquering side of the game” (already ~20,000 words long, and still probably only around half of what I want to do, so it might take a while to finish it…), which I have provisionally inserted. Also, 5 of the illustrations that will go into the final game have been put in there (let me know what to think of them, and whether it would be better to have more). So, all in all the “conquering” part is already half-playable. Nevertheless, any thoughts on this side of the game (difficult, easy, boring, any ideas, are greatly welcome!)


The save system comes up with this error, when trying to save the game.

Uncaught Error: SaveMod: Unable to *sm_save before *sm_init


Thanks for letting me know about that. It should be working fine now!


Overall, not a bad couple of days. I added a few more scenes (it is now possible to subjugate several cities: Torrelavega, Santander, Najera, Bilbao, etc). The code for the “Conquering” side of the game is ~30,000 words (the total for the game is now ~160,000), though the last part is a bit “game-like” and the code is quite heavy.

Anyway, I also realised that it is difficult to play the game all the way from the beginning, so I added the possibility to “jump” to various points towards the end of the game, for those that have already played it and just want to experience the new bits. Obviously this means you don’t end up creating your own character, but if you let me know what stats you want I can create an option to insert it.

Otherwise, any thoughts on the endings (and especially the conquering part, which can be arrived at through different routes, either with AIDAN, Teresa or arriving to Burgos) so far will be appreciated! (there is so much I still need to do on that side until it arrives at the stage I want it…)


One thing that didn’t make much sense to me was that you couldn’t go back to Aiden after you deliver the engineer to Burgos. There is still a cost there because you can’t stop the violence between Burgos and the Bullfighters of Hell and they won’t join you. Also I kinda think Maria’s band should became a persistent insurgency in that case because you don’t have the opportunity to cut a deal with her. Probably combined with the disaffected Nejarans getting them on side or wiping them out can kinda be the “regional” endgame for the conquering.

Basically gangs vs cities and you rep cities now as the conqueror.


Yes, that is the kind of endgame I have in mind. Basically all the other gangs get together (plus whoever you didn’t manage to overcome) and face you in one final massive battle. I also want to implement the possibility of the Free Cities turning on you, in case the MC starts conquering for the wrong motives.

But yes, basically I wanted to make it a choice of staying with AIDAN and getting the best army (that one is much superior to the others in terms of stats) and saving Burgos. You can’t do both, so there is a meaningful choice to be made…


If that’s the case I think there needs to be a more compelling reason to stay. Something AIDAN needs a human to fix or they’ll shutdown or something like that that prevents the MC from going to Burgos.

EDIT: I think I have a pretty good idea for why you need to stick around. AIDAN has been online for awhile now without any human maintenance. Considering that it’s probably perfectly capable of fixing anything it needs to fix, but I expect it’s programmers were probably a little worried about it doing any code/software maintenance on itself. So AIDAN might have hundreds of thousands of corrupted volumes that need to be fixed and it requires the chip and voice authorization from a living UN Officer. Also the authorizing official needs to stay inside the bunker during the maintenance or it automatically shuts off ( can’t have to overriding its own programming unsupervised after all). If you don’t stick around to help the system goes dormant and nobody with the appropriate expertise to fix it is alive anymore.


Great idea, thanks!! I’ll try to implement it in the coming days… I think that way it makes v more sense as you say!


Continued working on the end part of the game. I’ve now coded one of the two possible “final battles”, together with 3 of the ultimate endings of the game. Still need to work a bit more on other points, but it looks like I’m really getting closer to the end of the game (in other words, it is now possible to reach many of the final endings of the game, though I also continue polishing the grammar and structure…)


And another update, where you can ally or subjugate Magaz…

To do list:
-Final battle with Free Cities (if applicable)
-Battle with Teresa (if not ally already)
-Conquering of Burgos/and or Zamora
-In between conquering minor events
-Recruitment of mercs, “traitors” abandoning sequence
-Get oil from Magaz
-Terraforming Earth ending
-AIDAN repair sequences

Am I forgetting anything? (any other ideas/requests?)


Another update, you can now battle (or ally/marry Teresa). Also, a new version of the “conquering map” was uploaded.

To do list:
-Final battle with Free Cities (if applicable)
-Conquering of Burgos/and or Zamora
-In between conquering minor events
-Recruitment of mercs, “traitors” abandoning sequence
-Get oil from Magaz
-Terraforming Earth ending
-AIDAN repair sequences